Who We Are

High expectations.
High achievement for all.
No excuses.

Welcome to Spring Lake Park Schools! We are a vibrant school community serving about 6,100 students from suburbs in the northern Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area.

Innovative and Personalized Learning

Each student in Spring Lake Park Schools is known by name, strength, interest and need, leading to personalized student work and learning experiences!

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STEM and Real-World Learning

We continue to expand our STEM learning for each student in Spring Lake Park Schools. We are redesigning traditional learning experiences and transforming our classrooms to help our students become creators, designers, inventors, thinkers and leaders.

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Career and College Readiness and 12x12

Our vision to have every student prepared for college is bold and aspirational. We are collectively committed to designing engaging learning experiences that lead to each student earning 12 college credits by the end of 12th grade.

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Innovation and Design

We are creating a system that encourages teacher creativity and doing things differently. Teachers use our 3D Design model to design learning experiences that are meaningful, engaging and enhance student success.

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Outstanding Financial Management

The school board and district administration have an ongoing commitment of effective management of fiscal resources, which has positioned the district well for the future.

Low Class Sizes

We continue to prioritize investing in teaching and specialist positions to maintain low class sizes. Our class sizes at all grade levels are among the lowest in the metro area and among neighboring districts.

Core Values

As part of our Strategic Plan for the Future, we developed a set of core values to describe how we will work with our learners and each other.

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Why I’m #SLPPantherProud

Hear from our staff, students and community about the amazing things that are happening in Spring Lake Park Schools every day.

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