Student Support Services

The mission of the Westwood Middle School Dean Program is to facilitate a comprehensive, developmental program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social growth of all students.

School deans will do this through proactive school wide programs and targeted interventions. We are focused on increasing academic achievement, improving student behavior, encouraging healthy choices, and creating a positive learning environment for all students. School deans may meet with a student at any time unless otherwise indicated by families.

Deans help students with:

  • Academic planning and support
  • Course, college, and career planning
  • Decision making and conflict resolution
  • Individual/group counseling
  • Difficult family situations
  • Friendship concerns/issues
  • Bullying concerns
  • Personal/social skills
  • Self-­‐awareness
  • Study skills and learning styles

Deans help families and teachers with:

  • Academic planning information
  • Assessment results interpretation
  • Community resources
  • Consultation
  • Navigating education systems
  • Parent information/conferences

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