Student and Family Handbooks

Please review the information inside the Student and Family Handbook about procedures, expectations and policies at Spring Lake Park High School.

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Dear Westwood Community,

It is our mission for a successful and productive school year that leaves all members of the Westwood Community with a sense of accomplishment both academically and personally. Westwood is about creating the foundation for a successful high school career, college readiness, and success in students’ goals for post-secondary education.

Our mission is "High expectations. High achievement for all. No excuses." At Westwood we will hold true and carry out this mission on a daily basis. The partnership between students, teachers, and parents/guardians is important in the academic and personal success of each student. 

At Westwood we will create a positive environment for learning. In order to complete this, there must be guidelines for everyone to work toward our common mission of "High expectations. High achievement for all. No excuses." This student handbook describes your rights and responsibilities as a student. It also answers a number of questions about Westwood Intermediate and Middle School. Please read it carefully and take it seriously. You are accountable for following the rules and policies in this handbook. 

Our goal, as a staff, is to create a partnership with students and parents to make learning relevant and effective. We know when students, teachers, and family members work together, students learn and achieve more. We look forward to making these relationships positive and supportive so students get the most from their school experience.

On behalf of the entire staff of Westwood Intermediate and Middle School, we welcome you and are very excited for an excellent school year.

Go Panthers!

Tom Larson, Principal
Angie Shea, Associate Principal
Tyler Nelson, Associate Principal
Tealie Krugerud, Dean of Students, grades 5-6 students
Kim Harris-Robinson, Dean of Students, grades 7-8 students 
Marge Zobitz, Counselor of Personalized Learning, grade 5-6
Caleb Luecke, Counselor of Personalized Learning, grade Heather Krier, Counselor of Personalized Learning, grade 8


Contact Westwood Intermediate and Middle School at 763-600-5300.

Student Support Services


Every student is assigned to a Dean of Students. The mission of our Dean Program is to facilitate a comprehensive, developmental program addressing the academic, career, and personal/social growth of all students. School deans will do this through proactive school wide programs and targeted interventions. We are focused on increasing academic achievement, improving student behavior, encouraging healthy choices, and creating a positive learning environment for all students.

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