Day in the Life

Two students arrival to school

While some students walk or get a ride from their parents, many Westwood students arrive at school each day on a school bus. The buses safely transport the students to school, ready for the start of day. There are two separate start times and bus runs at Westwood with students in grades 7-8 starting at 7:45 a.m. and students in grades 5-6 starting at 8:40 a.m.

Breakfast Program
Three boys smiling while eating lunch

Prior to the start of the school day, breakfast is available for students. A healthy breakfast is essential for students to have a successful day of learning. The cost of breakfast is $1.30 per meal and free for students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Panther Time
teacher working with group of students

Panther Time is a “home base” 30-minute period where students meet daily in small groups with an adult supervisor. Panther Time is designed to give students a friendly and caring place to start each day. Students will take part in a variety of activities during Panther Time, and have fun while they are learning.


Core Courses
Leah Buklund with a student

Courses in the core areas of English/language arts, math, science and social studies are offered at each grade level, with some differences in the amount of time spent on each core area by grade. Regular and honors courses are offered to students in each of the core subject areas for students in grades 7-8.

Elective Courses
A group of boys play basketball

Along with courses in the four core subject areas, Westwood also offers elective courses for students to choose. Students in grades 5-6 also take art, and physical education and can choose from band, choir or general music. Electives for grades 7-8 include STEM, world languages, Juntos for Spanish Immersion and heritage Spanish speakers, AVID, band, choir and general music.

Language Immersion
A student reading a book

The language immersion programming model is available for students who attended Woodcrest Spanish Immersion and come to Westwood at grade 5. The grades 5/6 model includes 70 percent of the student’s day being taught in the target language of Spanish and elective courses and 60-minutes of language arts in English. In grades 7-8, science classes will be taught in Spanish along with the elective class of Juntos. All other core and elective courses are taught in English.

Students building a robot

We offer and continue to expand STEM learning opportunities for each student at Westwood. There is a full-time gifted/STEM specialist for grades 5-6, and a gifted coordinator that covers grades 7-8 along with grades 9-12 at the high school. There is also a STEM elective course available for grades 7-8 students. Spaces for students to work on STEM learning are available for all grade levels.

Lunch Program
A group of girls at lunch

Lunch is served in our school’s cafeteria during lunch times during the fourth period of the day. Along with regular lunch offerings, students may also purchase items from the a la carte line.

Special Education
Two students smiling in class

Special education provides a range of programs and services for students who have been identified as in need of specialized programming. At Westwood, center-based programs will be used to provide special education services to students in grades 5-8. Center-based programs are offered for students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Developmental Cognitive Disabilities.

The Den
Westwood students on flexible furniture

Several years ago, the Westwood media center was transformed into what is now known as “The Den.” Students and staff were involved in the design process to renovate the space. Students can work in The Den as part of their class time or on their own. The space now includes furnishings that make the space more flexible for large and small groups.

Panther Academy
Student smiling and coloring with markers

Panther Academy is a team-based, multidisciplinary setting where about 120 students work with four teachers from each of the core areas on English/language arts, math, science and social studies. Student use project-based learning, blended learning and innovative thinking to master learning targets.

Athletics/after-school activities
Westwood students playing volleyball

Students in grades 7-8 have the opportunity to participate in after-school athletics and activities. Several opportunities are available for students through the school, the district’s community education department and community organizations. Students in grade 7-8 are also eligible to participate in a variety of high school athletics.


Student on an iPad

Our district uses Schoology as an integrated learning management tool that helps track and improve student outcomes as well as enhance student engagement. With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities, such as submitting homework assignments, reviewing grades, participating in interactive discussions, receiving announcements and feedback, taking tests, and writing an academic blog. Parents are given access to their student’s account. Teachers also use a variety of other digital tools to regularly communicate with parents.