Live on 65 presents Copper Street Brass May 15, 2023 with musicians

The “Live on 65” performance series will blow the roof off its first season with Copper Street Brass’ “That 70’s Show” on Monday, May 15 at Spring Lake Park High School.

"That 70's Show" cleverly features music from the 1770s, 1870s and 1970s from classical and opera, jazz and folk, to rock and disco. Enjoy the show on Monday, May 15 at the Spring Lake Park High School Fine Arts Center. Thanks to generous sponsorship from the Spring Lake Park Lion's Club, tickets are priced at $12 for adults and $5 for students/children. Purchase tickets online or day-of at the box office.  

Copper Street Brass is an evolution of the brass quintet. The Minneapolis-based sextet features two trumpets, trombone, tuba, French horn and percussion with several members doubling on keyboard, percussion, guitars and electric instruments. Just before they left on tour, we caught up with Tim Bradley, artistic director, to learn more.

What is Copper Street Brass?

We are one of the only a handful of self-sustaining brass groups in the country. This is our 15th season together. We have five brass musicians and one percussionist. We perform primarily on our brass instruments - also electric guitar, piano and other surprises. 

We really vary the music we play - a lot of tonal variety. We play arrangements classical, rock and roll and other musical styles.

When and how did you all get together – and end up in Minnesota?

The original group started playing together more than 15 years ago in Albuquerque, New Mexico where we were all in graduate school. We found ourselves in a brass quintet - played recitals and found we liked each other and had different skills that complimented each other. We started building the group - our business - from there.

We got our name from Copper Street, main street, in Albuquerque.

We moved to Minneapolis in 2008 and formed our non-profit then. Five of us went to college in Minnesota – two at the U of M and three at St. Olaf College. Our tuba player is from Michigan – so Minnesota wasn’t a tough choice. We decided to move because this was a great place for music and the arts - this was a good place for us.

This show is part of a tour - where else are you touring?

We normally tour for quite a few weeks in the year. Last fall we did six weeks. This spring we will tour for five and half weeks ending in the Twin Cities and Spring Lake Park.

This spring, we’re touring in a big circle - North Dakota, Montana, South Dakota, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. 

Every year, we do a Christmas concert in December - Christmas on Copper Street. 

We always like to have a theme. We’ve done “British Invasion” with a lot of music from across the pond. There’s “Route 66” celebrating Americana with music from along the highway. And, of course, “That 70's Show” with music from three different centuries through the 70’s. 

What can the audience expect for “That 70’s Show?”

“That 70's Show” has been a big hit as it celebrates a variety of music – from classical to rock and roll through the 1970s, 1870s and 1770s. The audience will enjoy rock and roll, disco, and classical. It’s a fun way to bring the audience on a trip through three different centuries. 

Our main takeaway - first of all, we hope everyone has a good time. We certainly try to have fun. With the variety of music – from Mozart to Led Zeppelin to Gloria Gaynor – we get to see the connections between some of this music and it also offers something for every taste. 

We love to show our personalities, and we have little sketches we do in-between the a radio show format.

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