Woodcrest staff smiling at the staff appreciation event

Sweets to start the day. Sidewalk chalk tributes. Thank you cards. Coffee. Lunch. Snacks. Smiles and hugs. These are just a few of the ways our SLP staff were celebrated during staff appreciation week.

“I find so many reasons each day to appreciate and be grateful for the work our staff do,” says Jeff Ronneberg, superintendent. “Whatever door they walk through in the morning or position they hold, they make a difference in the lives of kids and for the colleagues they work with.”

It’s Spring Lake Park Schools’ tradition, during National Teacher Appreciation Week each May, to recognize the important role all staff play in the learning and experience of each student.

At its April meeting, the school board passed a resolution declaring May 8-12, 2023, as Staff Appreciation Week. The resolution acknowledged the many roles school staff fulfill in students’ lives and the commitment they demonstrate daily to personalize learning and help each student succeed.

Words of appreciation were, well, appreciated. Notes arrived in school and staff email boxes and on social media channels. Staff were recognized for their kindness and care and for knowing their students and meeting their needs. Kind words and acknowledgments brought a few happy tears.

One parent wrote, “They teach from the heart and with heart. They teach so they may learn and learn so they may teach.”

Another parent recognized the important role their children’s teacher has had in their lives.

Her tireless efforts to help our children grow and develop both academically and personally . . . we feel incredibly lucky to have her guiding their education. Parent, SLP

Counselors were recognized for “working tirelessly to provide individual attention to all students, to make certain that their needs are met and they are able to learn to the best of their abilities” and for “looking out for every student.”

Sweet words were delivered with morning treats. School board members and district leaders were out serving up sweet rolls and coffee at appreciation events at each school. Parent-teacher organizations at each school also held special events and shared their love and appreciation through food.

“Our school board members look forward to this each year,” says Tony Easter, school board chair. “It’s an honor to spend time at each of our schools and get this chance to personally say thank you for everything the staff does for our young people. Our SLP staff are truly outstanding.”

SLPHS staff chatting during staff appreciation week
SLP staff grabbing a treat during a staff appreciation event
Northpoint staff chatting during their staff appreciation event