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Meet the Principals

Tom Larson, Principal

Why I'm #SLPPantherProud

My favorite thing about Westwood is how involved our students and staff are. The students organize events for the school and our staff are thinking of creative ways to engage our students in school and after school.

- Tom Larson


Westwood is a place where our staff works together to meet the individual needs of students. We work each day to inspire your child, challenge them and discover. 

Megan Jahnke, Associate Principal

We have a very student-centered approach to education. This happens in the classroom and outside of the class. Teachers are passionate about providing experiences for students that interest them and connect with their everyday life.

Why I'm #SLPPantherProud

I'm proud of our student body. They are the inspiration behind everything we do. Our community is passionate about our students and wants only the best for each one of them.

- Megan Jahnke

Tyler Nelson, Associate Principal

Why I'm #SLPPantherProud

Westwood is a school with relationships at the core. We know that if we want to achieve the academic success that we want, we need to build strong relationships with all of our students. No matter the level a student is at, we will work to meet their needs in a personalized way. We want our families to be an integral part of that team to personalize the learning to meet the needs of their child. Our staff is extremely dedicated to make a difference in each child's life and work extremely hard to make that lasting impact.

- Tyler Nelson


The best part of the day for me is seeing the smiles on the students faces' at various times throughout the day. Whether it's as they are walking in from the buses, learning new things in the classroom or enjoying lunch with their friends.

Tom Larson



Megan Jahnke

Associate Principal


Tyler Nelson

Associate Principal