Spanish Immersion Programming

“Juntos” means “together” and the Spring Lake Park Schools Juntos program is a continuation of our elementary immersion programming at the middle school.

In the Juntos program, heritage Spanish Speakers have opportunities to join immersion speakers starting as early as grade 6. Testing for entrance into this programming occurs in the spring of grade 5. The schedules of Juntos students include language arts and social studies in Spanish in grade 6, Juntos world language and science in Spanish in grade 7, and Juntos II world language and science in grade 8. Students who are successful in these courses, will be prepared for entrance exams allowing them to take college credits at Spring Lake Park High School.


  • Grades 5-6: Spanish Immersion students in grades 5-6 spend 70% of their day being taught in the target language of Spanish, including Spanish language arts, math, science and social studies. English language arts and elective courses physical education, music and art are taught in English. 
  • 7th Grade: Life science in Spanish and Juntos (World language course)
  • 8th Grade: Earth science in Spanish and Juntos II (World language course)