Applications and Printers

Spring Lake Park Schools Technology Services provides a variety of applications to install on your Mac from our Self Service app and Apple's Mac App Store. Read below for information on installing apps, printers and more. 

If you need assistance, contact Technology Services by creating a Panther Help Desk ticket

Applications on your Mac

How to install apps on your Mac

There are two ways to install apps on your Mac: the Self Service app and the Mac App Store. 

Installing Apps from Self Service

Self Service is a "one-stop shop" for district apps, printers, web links and computer quick fixes built by Technology Services. 

  • Go to Self Service from Finder>Applications>Self Service or from the Self Service icon in your Dock. You can also be directed to Self Service on your Mac here.
  • Enter your network username and password to log in. 
  • Search for your app or printer by using the categories on the left-hand side bar, or by searching in the search box on the top-left corner of the app. 
  • To install an app or printer, find your desired app and click "Install." You will see the progress of the app install under the Activity tab. Depending on the app, apps can take less than a minute, or up to ten minutes, to install. Printers typically takes 30-60 seconds to install.
  • NOTE: Quitting Self Service before installing an app can cause the installation to fail. 


Installing apps from the Mac App Store

You can also install apps from Apple's Mac App Store. Just note that apps installed from the Mac App Store require an Apple ID. You can either use your own Apple ID, or you can create an Apple ID without a credit card

  • Go to the Mac App Store from Finder>Applications>App Store. 
  • When installing an app, you'll be prompted for your Apple ID. After entering your Apple ID and password, your Apple ID will be saved. 
  • To update apps installed from the Mac App Store, you can click on the Updates tab in the App Store. It's recommended that you update your apps when they are available.
  • NOTE: Tech is unable to reset Apple ID passwords, as they are controlled by Apple. To reset your Apple ID password, visit Apple's iForgot Password Reset page.

Request an app

If you do not find an app you need for your Mac in Self Service or the Mac App Store, you can request it through our Free App Request Form. Log into the form using your MyPanthers email and password, and you'll be able to request an app. Technology Services will process the request and email you once the app is in Self Service. Your app will be processed in a timely manner. Depending on the complexity of the app and any necessary testing, some apps may take longer than others.

If you are requesting a paid app, you will need to complete a Paid App Request.

Default district apps

  • Default apps installed on our Macs includes:
    • Self Service: Used to install district apps, printers, and run quick fixes from Tech.
    • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneDrive
    • PaperCut: Printing software
    • NoMAD: Password sync utility
    • HP and Xerox Print Drivers
    • Google Drive File Stream: Data sync and backup for Google Drive and MyPanthers
    • Palo Alto Traps Endpoint Security

Printing from your Mac

Installing district printers

To install a district printer on your Mac, go to the Self Service icon or be directed to Self Service here and either go to the Printers category or use the top-left search bar to search for your desired printer. 

Printing from your Mac

  • When you go to File>Print to print a document on your Mac, you will see a popup from our PaperCut print client. Ensure that your desired budget is selected under Charge to shared account, then click Print. 
  • If the PaperCut box doesn't appear, the PaperCut Client may not be running. You can see if PaperCut is running if you see the icon on your taskbar. If PaperCut is not running, go to Finder>Applications and click on PCClient, or restart your computer.