iPad Support

iPad Setup Instructions

Learn more about how to setup your iPad, including: 

  • Setting up and logging into your iPad
  • Managing wireless networks on your iPad
  • What self-service is used for
  • How to check for iOS updates

Having iPad trouble?

First things first, have you tried... 

  • A soft restart? This fixes issues when an app is not working, slowness, wireless issues and other common issues. Instructions on how to soft restart.

  • A hard restart? This fixes issues when the iPad is frozen, there is black screen and no response, or it's stuck on the Apple logo. Instructions on how to hard restart.

  • Close apps that aren’t being used or having issues? Double tap the home button, then swipe up on any app that isn’t being used, or that is frozen or having issues.

  • Making sure you are connecting to a PantherWiFi network?- All district iPads should be able to connect to a PantherWiFi network. Many apps will not work if not connected to PantherWiFi. If your iPad is connecting to PantherGuest, you want to "Forget" PantherGuest and make sure your iPad can connect to PantherWiFi. 

  • Checking your home screen? The Technology Services department often pushes webclips to district iPads. Examples include when an iPad needs an iOS update or has been reported lost/stolen, we push a webclip to the iPad that looks like a stop sign icon. Please note: If you open the webclip, it will take you to a webpage with more information on why it is there and may answer some of your questions.