Well-Being Services

Support for students’ mental health, well-being and basic human needs

What concerns do you have?

  • Mental health – grief support, emotional well-being, anxiety, suicidal indicators
  • Behavior concerns
  • Food, homelessness, medical care, legal support

How we can help:

  • Connect families to counseling services within our schools
  • Make connections and referrals to community resources

Get Connected

You can contact your school  to be connected with a counselor, social worker or other staff member who can help you or anyone you are concerned about.

  • Centerview Elementary - Katie Kingsbury, 763-600-5515

  • Northpoint Elementary - Nick Hooper, 763-600-5700

  • Park Terrace Elementary - Anne Jenkauski, 763-600-5600

  • Woodcrest Spanish Immersion - Diana Cobbs, 763-600-5800

  • Westwood Intermediate and Middle School, Counselors for Personalized Learning:

  • Spring Lake Park High School, Counselors for Personalized Learning:

    • Nour Ali, 9th & 11th grade, Last names A-HE, 763-600-5212

    • Justine Malecha, 9th and 11th grade, Last names Hi-Pe, 763-600-5134

    • Yvonne Godber, 9th and 11th grade, Last names Pb-Z, 763-600-5242

    • Lindsey Redmann, 10th and 12th grade, Last names A-He, 763-600-5196

    • Ikran Salat, 10th and 12th grade, Last names Hi-Pe, 763-600-5126

    • Troy Willemssen, 10th and 12th grade, Last name Pb-Z, 763-600-5135

Support for non-English speakers is available.

Crisis Support Numbers

In a life threatening situation, call 911.

Anoka County (Canvas Health): 763-755-3801

Ramsey County: 651-266-7878 (Children) and 651-266-7900 (Adult)

Dial **CRISIS ** (274747) - you will be connected to the closest crisis response service

Crisis Text Line (TXT4LIFE): Text MN to 741741


Targeted Supports and Interventions

A full continuum of supports is available in our schools to support students’ academic, social, emotional and behavior development and needs.

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