Continuum of Special Education Services

Federal Setting I and II Locations

  • Early Childhood
  • Northpoint Elementary School
  • Park Terrace Elementary School
  • Centerview Elementary School
  • Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School
  • Westwood Middle School
  • Spring Lake Park High School
  • The Lighthouse School (gifted and talented)

Federal Setting III Locations

  • Early Childhood: ASD & DCD
  • Northpoint Elementary School: EBD
  • Centerview Elementary School: ASD
  • Westwood Middle School: ASD, DCD, EBD
  • Spring Lake Park High School: ASD, DCD, EBD

Federal Setting IV Locations

  • Life Transition Skills 18-21 Program
  • All other students Federal Setting IV students are served through Intermediate District 916