Social Work and Community Resource Liaison

High expectations. High Achievement. For all. No excuses.

Families are the foundation of a child’s school success. The Social Work and Community Resource Liaison can meet with you to discuss your family’s questions and connect you with community agencies or programs that will best serve you and your family’s needs. Our hope is to help you and your family remove barriers to be successful.

What is a Social Work and Community Resource Liaison?

Essential Functions:

  • Bridge the gap between families and schools to promote collaborative processes and engagement in the educational planning for students
  • Conduct home and community visits to establish positive communication, connections, and support
  • Locate and link families to community resources to support stability, health and wellness, and learning readiness
  • Provide a spectrum (from consult to intensive case management) of support to students and families
  • Provide educational opportunities on identified topics such as: mental health, child development, stress reduction, discipline and safety, and teacher/parent/student communication

Liaisons are available for visits in the home, school and community.

How to Access Supports

Referral Process

Referrals can come from four sources including students, staff, parents and the community. Click through the tabs below to learn more.



  • Parents can also contact their school or building to request services.



  • Each school has a pit crew of staff that make referrals. The purpose of having designated staff is to streamline the process, have coordinated communication and maximize the resources for families.
  • Once it is determined by the pit crew that a referral will be made to the Social Work and Community Resource Liaison team, the referral form is completed and sent to the main referral site.
  • The referring person will hear back within 24 hours about who will be the assigned Advocate.

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