Free and Reduced-Priced Meals

Remember, a new application must be completed every year to continue meal benefits.

You can apply with the paper or online application

Complete and return by choosing any of the following:

  • Hand deliver at any food distribution site when picking up meals
  • Email to:
  • Fax to:  763-600-5582
  • Mail or deliver to:  Spring Lake Park Schools, Nutrition Services, 1415 81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park, MN 55432


  • Using your Campus Parent Portal

Students who qualify for free or reduced meals by submitting a new application each school year will receive meals at no charge. We follow strict guidelines to protect a student's confidentiality. All kindergarten students are eligible for a free breakfast, paid for by the State of Minnesota.

Many of our school district families take advantage of this program offering free or reduced prices for school meals and activity fees. Some families qualify for this program because their household income has always or generally been below a given level. Others have taken advantage of this program because their household income is temporarily below a given level. 

Apply for Free or Reduced-Priced Meals

Find an application


  • Online applications are available  on your Campus Parent Portal Food Service Account
    • Online applications are found under the "More" tab, then "Meal Benefits" tab
  • Download, complete and return the Application located in the adjacent blue box
  • Applications are mailed to all district households in early August
  • Applications are available at the District Service Center or any school office at any time
  • You can apply, or reapply, anytime during the school year if your household circumstances change

Be sure to reapply every year!


        If we do not receive a new application each fall:

  • Meals will be charged at full price.
  • Households that were free or reduced last school year have a grace period to reapply that expires on October 28, 2020.  After that date, meals will be fully charged until a new application is approved for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • Parents/guardians are responsible for keeping adequate funds in the account for all purchases.


If you're not sure if you would qualify or if you could use some help in filling out the form, please ask for assistance in the main office of your child's school, at the District Services Center or contact Jane Sweney, Nutrition Services Program Assistant at 763-600-5041 or

2020-2021 Maximum Household Income

The 2020-2021 Maximum Household Income reflects income before gross-taxes and other deductions. The income guidelines are effective July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021.

Household Size

Income Per Year

Income Per Month

Income Twice Per Month

Income Per Two Weeks

Income Per Week



$1,968 $984 $908 $454



$2,658 $1,329 $1,227 $614



$3,349 $1,675 $1,546 $773



$4,040 $2,020 $1,865 $933



$4,730 $2,365 $2,183 $1,092



$5,421 $2,711 $2,502 $1,251



$6,112 $3,056 $2,821 $1,411



$6,802 $3,401 $3,140 $1,570

Add for each
additional person


$691 $346 $319 $160  


If your application is...