Balance Notifications

Notifications for balances negative $5 and below

On Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m., families whose student’s meal account balance is negative $5 and below will receive an email and text message including the balance and a reminder to add funds for each student. These messages will be sent every Wednesday for each student whose account is negative $5 and below.

Automated low balance notifications

Families also have the opportunity to set up automated notifications for a specified dollar amount in Campus Parent Portal. Families can select to receive email and/or text notification or use the Campus Parent mobile app and setup push notifications. For example, a family may choose to be notified whenever their student’s meal account balance is below $10. These messages will be sent daily based on the dollar amount selected.

Set up low balance notifications

To set up a low balance notification, click here to login to Campus Parent Portal and follow these steps:

  1. Along the left-hand side, click on “Notification Settings”
  2. Check the box next to “Low Lunch Balance”
  3. Click the drop-down box to select the dollar amount
  4. Click “Save”
  5. Click “Contact Preferences” along the left-hand side  
  6. Under the “General Notification” column, check the boxes where you would like to receive text messages and/or emails
    • Please note, while you may be able to check a voice option, only text and emails will be sent.
  7. Click “Save”
Screenshot of Campus Portal - Notification Settings and where to access low lunch balance
Campus Portal Screenshot of how to edit message contact preferences