Flexible Learning Environments

The flexible use of time, space and resources is essential to enhancing student learning. Small teams of Spring Lake Park Schools teachers, students and staff came together in 2015 to reimagine various learning spaces as a part of our approach to innovative and personalized learning model. Here are several examples.

Makerspaces at elementary schools

Each of the district’s four elementary schools have dedicated makerspaces to enhance hands-on and STEM learning for students.

Centerview students in Makerspace
Park Terrace students sitting on flexible furniture in a STEM Makerspace

Learning Lab at Woodcrest

The Learning Lab at Woodcrest Spanish Immersion School provides flexible options for students to work individually, in small groups or in a large group with a teacher.

Kids hanging out in the media center
Woodcrest Makerspace area

Innovation Spaces at Park Terrace

The Park Terrace Elementary media center and hallway was reimagined to be more flexible and meet varying student needs and interests.

Students working in the STEM Makerspace
Three students working together while sitting on flexible furniture

The Den at Westwood

What once was a room full of large wooden bookcases, tables and chairs, the Westwood Intermediate and Middle School media center was transformed into a studying haven for students. Known as “The Den,” students work in flexible and engaging spaces that adapt to their learning needs.

Westwood students on flexible furniture
Student collaborating together in The Den

Design studio/ makerspaces at Westwood

Existing spaces at Westwood Intermediate and Middle School were renovated and transformed into flexible design studios and makerspaces for students to work on hands-on learning projects.

Students working in Westwood STEM lab
Westwood students practicing making catapults in the STEM Makerspace

Westwood Looping Pod

Westwood’s looping pod was redesigned to allow for projects and activities that involve collaboration, flexible thinking and problem solving.

A group of boys smiling while working on course work
A teacher instructing students in a classroom

Spring Lake Park High School “C” Wing

The “C” wing portion of Spring Lake Park High School was renovated from traditional classrooms into flexible spaces for small- and large-group learning.


Spring Lake Park High School Pathways classrooms

As part of the effort to expand Career and College Pathways opportunities for high school students, several Pathways (also known as Career and Technical Education) classrooms at the high school have been renovated to better fit current and future course offerings.

OEC space with ambulance
Students sitting on flexible furniture in Pathways space

Spring Lake Park High School science classrooms

The new science classroom addition at Spring Lake Park High School was designed by teachers and students to be a flexible learning environment. The addition opened in fall 2018.

Student writing in science wing
Students working at flexible furniture

Makerspaces at

SLPHS learning spaces

New furniture was added at Spring Lake Park High School to create new learning spaces outside of the Fine Arts Center and in the rotunda of the school

Students collaborating at high table
students studying

Lighthouse School

The Lighthouse School spaces have been completely renovated to include more flexible learning spaces, which match the personalized learning of Lighthouse.

Lighthouse Student learning area
Lighthouse student learning area

Early Childhood Spaces

New classrooms and learning spaces for preschool and Early Childhood Family Education programs have been constructed at the District Services Center and Centerview Elementary to best meet the needs of our youngest learners.

Preschool classroom at Centerview
Studnets playing on a sensory table