SLP Online

A student doing online schooling

SLP Schools Online is Spring Lake Park Schools’ fully online learning option for students in grades K-12. At SLP Schools Online, students experience learning specific to their individual strengths, interests and needs covering the same concepts as their in-school peers but tailored to an online environment.

Learning is facilitated by Spring Lake Park Schools teachers who have extensive experience teaching online. Each student uses a district-issued technology device (iPad), and has access to support services, including social workers, school psychologists, English as a second language and special education teachers.

SLP Schools Online is open to any student who lives in Minnesota at no additional cost. SLP Schools Online for grades K-12 is approved by the Minnesota Department of Education.

Grades K-8 

Grades k-8 in a blue cirlce

The K-8 school experience helps students develop both academic and life competencies aligned to state standards.

  • Learning is customized to small groups of learners and includes opportunities for content area learning and interdisciplinary, project-based experiences.
  • The blend of “live” learning and independent work is tailored to each small group of learners.
  • Learning advocates, SLP teachers, meet regularly with students and families to design learning, facilitate individual and small group work, assess progress and determine next steps.

Enrollment and Questions

  • If you are a current SLP student/family, please email to change your enrollment from your home school to SLP Online. 
  • If you are new to Spring Lake Park Schools, please Enroll online following the district enrollment process for Resident Grades 1-12 Enrollment or Non-Resident Grades 1-12 Enrollment. 
  • If you have questions about SLP Schools Online K-6, please contact Kim Fehringer, 763-600-5000, and for grades 7-8, please contact Tyler Nelson, 763,600-5300.

Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12 in red circle

The high school experience provides students choice in the time, place, path and pace of their learning as they develop both academic and life competencies aligned to state standards.

  • Spring Lake Park High School teachers facilitate learning primarily through asynchronous, “on demand,” learning experiences.
  • Virtual “live” sessions and/or small group learning experiences also will be defined for each course.
  • Each student is assigned a learning advocate, an SLP teacher, who checks in with students and families frequently to understand a student’s progress and provide direct learning support.

Families of students in grades 9-12, please reach out directly to Spring Lake Park High School, 763-600-5100. to learn more about full-time online and flexible (hybrid) options available.