SLP Online

SLP Schools Online is Spring Lake Park Schools’ fully online learning option for students in grades K-6 and grades 9-12. At SLP Schools Online, students experience learning specific to their individual strengths, interests and needs covering the same concepts as their in-school peers but tailored to an online environment.

Learning is facilitated by Spring Lake Park Schools teachers who have extensive experience teaching online. The learning model evolves as a child grows with distinctive approaches to online learning for students in grades K-6 and grades 9-12. Each student uses a district-issued technology device (iPad), and has access to support services, including social workers, school psychologists, English as a second language and special education teachers.
SLP Schools Online is open to any student who lives in Minnesota at no additional cost. SLP Schools Online for grades K-12 is approved by the Minnesota Department of Education. The online model for grades 7-8 will not run during the 2022-2023 school year. Families interested in this model for upcoming years, are encouraged to share your interest with us. 
An SLP Schools online working on her iPad with a teacher
  • Learning experiences are co-created in a 3-way partnership between at-home learning coaches (usually a parent or guardian), students and a learning advocate (a certified Spring Lake Park Schools teacher).
  • The at-home learning coach and student develop a student’s personalized learning plan working with their learning advocate.
  • Learning experiences are customized and include a blend of live and on-demand online learning experiences as well as large and small group interactions.
  • Opportunities for social interaction are built in and can include meet ups, field trips, collaborative projects, clubs and more.


A student working on an iPad and wearing a tank top
  • Learning is facilitated primarily through asynchronous, “on demand,” learning experiences.
  • Virtual “live” sessions and/or small group learning experiences also will be defined for each course.
  • Each student is assigned a learning advocate, an SLP teacher, who checks in with students and families frequently to understand a student’s progress and provide direct learning support.


Why SLP Online

At SLP Schools Online, students experience learning specific to their individual strengths, interests and needs covering the same concepts as their in-school peers but tailored to an online environment.

Parent Testimonial

"SLP online has been amazing! They have grown in confidence and tech skills. In this world of uncertainty right now this school has been a true blessing. Thank you SLP for offering such a wonderful school option." - Sharon Storlien, SLP Online parent

Flexible, Personalized Schedules

SLP online offers a flexible schedule for life and can be done anywhere. The approach to schedules is primarily student and family driven with support from learning advocates.

Innovative and Personalized Learning

From the beginning, learning experiences are customized to each learner based on needs and preferences. At grades K-6, students and their at-home learning coach develop a personalized learning plan with the help of their learning advocate to best support the student. Personalization evolves as students grow. 

Parent Partnership

At SLP Online K-6, learning is purposely and flexibly designed and facilitated through an active 3-way partnership between an at-home learning coach (parent or guardian), an SLP learning advocate (teacher) and the student. As students grow and gain independence, the communication and support between the partners evolves.

Competency-based, creative and connected

Between the rigorous content, development of skills and mindsets and creative experiences as well as technology, school support and access to extra-curricular activities, SLP online has all of the tools and supports in place for your student and family to thrive. 

Parent Testimonial

"SLP Online is great because the teachers are so wonderful about breaking down the barriers of being behind a screen to make learning exciting and relevant. My daughters have been able to work at their own pace, be challenged and take the time to fully immerse themselves in their learning this year through SLP Online school." - Laura Perkins, SLP Online parent