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Why I'm #SLPPantherProud - Louis Bredemus

NameLouis Bredemus
Louis Bredemus 

Northpoint Elementary 


How long have you worked in Spring Lake Park Schools?
This is my third school year in Spring Lake Park Schools.

Why did you choose to join Spring Lake Park Schools?
Good job opportunity and I heard SLP is a great place to work. They were right.

What's the best part of your day, as an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools?
The best part of my day is walking in the halls, waving and saying hi to all the students.

What do you do when you're not at work?
When not at work, I enjoy boating, motorcycle riding and archery. Fun fact, I usually walk or ride my bike to school.

What makes you #SLPPantherProud?
The thing that makes me #SLPpantherproud is how much time and energy the staff puts in to helping students and each other. I never expected such teamwork and support from everyone in the district.

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