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Westwood Intermediate holds annual math competition

April 12, 2017 – On Tuesday, April 4, more than 100 students at Westwood Intermediate participated in the annual Math Challenge Competition. Students completed four rounds of competition, including a fact drill round and three problem solving rounds. The next day, teams of four students worked together to complete three rounds of problem solving.

“Students had a great time thinking fast and flexibly about math,” said Westwood Gifted Specialist Sarah Nimlos.

Below are the results of the competition:

Fact Drill

4th Grade:
1st Place – Ifeoluwa Winful
2nd Place – Zach Domokos
3rd Place - Asher Miller

5th Grade:
1st Place – Jayson Zenz
2nd Place – Sofiyat Akinola
3rd Place – Jack Sweno

Individual Problem Solving

4th Grade:
1st Place – Kendra Say
2nd Place (tie) – Irene Noyes
2nd Place (tie) – Teagan Windhurst
3rd Place (tie) – Sven Ericson
3rd Place (tie) – Hector Ly
3rd Place (tie) – Thomas Ashley

5th Grade:
1st Place (tie) – Jack Sweno
1st Place (tie) – Benjamin Youngbauer
2nd Pace (tie) – Connor Howell
2nd Place (tie) – Sean Lirazan
2nd Place (tie) – Jayson Zenz
3rd Place (tie) – Tanner Olson
3rd Place (tie) – Bella Sutch

Team Problem Solving

4th Grade:
1st Place - Jace Bancroft, Thomas Ashley, Vince Zurek, Ryan Nguyen
2nd Place – Troy Mliner, Niba Ngwa, William Aweke, Joe Johnston
3rd Place – Teagan Windhurst, Sven Ericson, Nick Nygaard, Matthew Lindgren

5th Grade:
1st Place – Krysti Achu-Chick, Darian Danielson, Darren Tran, Jayson Zenz
2nd Place - Nahom Teferi, Sean Lirazan, Tanner Olson, Abdulsalam Akinola
3rd Place – Annika Mickelson, Mason Meyer, Gavin Welch, Otto Erickson

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