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Park Terrace first graders use STEM skills to design Leprechaun Traps

Designing Leprechaun Traps March 16, 2017 – Before spring break, first grade students at Park Terrace used their STEM skills (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) to design leprechaun traps.

After learning leprechauns are very tricky to catch, but are attracted to the color green, rainbows, four leaf clovers, gold, and Lucky Charms, students worked in groups to design a structure for the leprechauns.

Groups used recycled boxes and water bottles, tin foil, pipe cleaners, string, tin foil and other materials to design their structures. Parent volunteers helped with hot glue and some of the construction.

“Projects like this make learning more fun and engaging and provide students opportunities to use content knowledge and skills in different and meaningful ways,” said first grade teacher Melissa Gustafson. “They allow creative and critical thinking, hands-on learning and flexibility.”

Students used their creativity to design houses, soccer fields, swimming pools and even castles for the leprechauns.

“It’s not actually a trap, we made him a house of fun,” said first grader Lincoln Olson. “We don’t want to trap or hurt or harm the leprechauns.”

Once the structures were built, students used stickers, glitter, Lucky Charms and handmade signs to bait the tricky leprechauns. 

“The reason why we put so many blingy things in here is because leprechauns are attracted to sparkly things,” said first grader Victoria Korogi.

Students left their traps at school over spring break to see if any leprechauns visit over St. Patrick’s Day.

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Designing Leprechaun Traps   Designing Leprechaun Traps