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Westwood Intermediate completes ‘We are Love’ campaign

March 9, 2017 – Throughout the month of February, students at Westwood Intermediate participated in a school-wide campaign, organized by the student council. The “We are Love” campaign focused on thinking of others in the school and surrounding community by giving positive thoughts and acts of kindness.

“We are trying to teach our students the importance of showing appreciation to people that many times are overlooked in our community,” said student council advisor Tracy Liedl. “We want our students to learn gratitude in our schools, home and community.” 

During the planning process, student council representatives discussed the project with their peers in class and shared positive messages with seven different organizations in the community. Students delivered positive messages to the Blaine Police Department, St. Paul Children’s Hospital, the VA, Alexandra House, Hope 4 Youth, Blaine Senior Center and Ronald McDonald House. 

“With over 770 students we hope our impact in kindness and compassion touched the people within these organizations,” Liedl said. “We also matched a fourth grade class with a fifth grade class and made homemade positive messages to give a peer expressing positivity and words of encouragement.” 

There was also a hallway of hearts where Westwood staff members could write positive messages to each other.

We are Love We are Love   We are Love