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Site and design of new preK-4 elementary school unveiled at board meeting

Ariel view of new school February 16, 2017 – After more than a year of planning, discussions and involvement by dozens of staff members and parents, the site and design for the district’s new preK-4 elementary school was unveiled at the February 14 school board meeting by Superintendent Jeff Ronneberg and members of the Elementary Core Design Team.

The largest portion of the $49.925 million bond referendum approved by district residents in April 2016 was for the construction of a new preK-4 elementary school. The new school is needed to avoid current and projected overcrowding due to increasing student enrollment. 

Here are the highlights from the presentation:

  • The district’s new preK-4 elementary school will be located on property currently owned by the National Sports Center in Blaine, near the intersection of Davenport Street and 105th Avenue, pending city approval
  • The purchase and development costs of the NSC site were significantly less expensive than the other two options. The NSC site will save an estimated $3 million after the cost of purchase, soil remediation and land development, and off-site improvements
  • The site will be approximately 25 acres with an option to purchase an additional 3.6 acres in 2019 when NSC’s Velodrome contract expires. The provides extensive green space for elementary programming during the school day, as well as high school athletics and activities beyond the school day
  • The cost to the district is about $1.4 million, which includes $346,000 for the land, $700,000 for the construction of a parking lot, and $416,000 for soil remediation
  • Many staff members and parents were in the planning and design of the new preK-4 elementary schools by serving on the Facilities for Future Programming Design Team, the Elementary Core Design team and other user groups
  • The new school was designed to best meet the learning needs of students and to allow teachers to personalize learning for each student. The school features five learning studios or classroom areas (one for each grade level in the school) that can be used flexibly for teachers to work with individual, small or larger groups of students

There is much more detail, including images of the school site and design, about the planning and design of the new elementary school. Click on the links below to learn more about: