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Westwood Middle School students raise awareness and funds for artists in Central America

Pulsera Project As part of a service-learning project to learn about the culture, lives and struggles of Central Americans, students in Tricia Miller’s Intro to Spanish classes are selling hand-woven bracelets, or pulseras, this February.

Miller’s class partnered with The Pulsera Project, a non-profit that empowers and educates young people in the U.S. about the Central American culture and the Spanish language. The lessons aim to raise awareness about international poverty, fair trade and global citizenship. 

The pulseras are handmade by artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala so each one is unique. 

“There is a picture of the artist that comes with each bracelet,” seventh grader Xander Bacon said. “It’s really cool that when you’re buying them it’s not just like some store where they have a price tag. You can see the person who actually made it.”

The Pulsera Project employs nearly 200 artists in Nicaragua and Guatemala. The funds raised at Westwood Middle School will benefit fair trade jobs, worker rights, sustainability and education for the artists.

“What it does, is it gives the Nicaraguan artists the money for materials like food and water and other necessities like that,” said seventh grader Justin Boyd.

After watching videos about The Pulsera Project and talking about the impact these bracelets have on the artists, Boyd was inspired to get started selling bracelets right away.

Pulsera Project “It inspired me to go in after school and ask Ms. Miller if I could get bracelets to bring back to my neighborhood to sell,” Boyd said. “I sold ten already.”

Bacon and Boyd said they hope their communities can rally around this project so they can make a difference in the lives of these artists. 

“It’s just so neat that we can actually know that we’re making an impact on these people and we’re rewarding people for making these creative bracelets,” said Bacon. 

You can participate in The Pulsera Project, too! Read more details and how to purchase a pulsera below.

Participate Pulsera Project

  • $5 per hand-woven pulsera
  • Ways to purchase a pulsera
    • School lunch February 9-21
    • Conferences February 16-17
    • Contact a student in Intro to Spanish
  • Send a gift to your Westwood student! Parents have the opportunity to send a pulsera to their student. Simply drop-off an envelope addressed to Ms. Miller with $5, the name of your student and a personal note you want delivered with the pulsera. If your student has favorite colors, please note that as well in the envelope. Orders need to be placed by 8 a.m. on Tuesday, February 21 and pulseras will be delivered that day.