Social Media Directory

  • Below are the official social media accounts for the district, schools, programs and activities.

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  • Schools and Programs

    Spring Lake Park Schools   facebook     twitter     YouTube     Instagram    Flickr

    Spring Lake Park High School   facebook

    Westwood Middle School   facebook

    Westwood Intermediate School   facebook

    Northpoint Elementary School   facebook

    Park Terrace Elementary School   facebook

    Woodcrest Spanish Immersion   facebook

    Lighthouse   facebook

    Early Childhood Family Education   facebook

    Panther Foundation   facebook


    Activities and Athletics

    Panther Athletics   twitter

    Spring Lake Park Dance Team   twitter

    Spring Lake Park Nordic Ski Team   twitter

    Spring Lake Park Track and Field   facebook    twitter

    Spring Lake Park Volleyball   twitter

    Spring Lake Park FIRST Robotics - Panthinators   facebook

    Spring Lake Park LEO Club   facebook

    Spring Lake Park OEC   facebook

  • District Leadership and Principals

    Mike Callahan, Centerview Twitter

    Kim Fehringer, Park Terrace  Twitter

    Judi Kahoun, Northpoint  Twitter

    Elizabeth Linares, Woodcrest Spanish Immersion  Twitter

    Tyler Nelson, Westwood Intermediate  Twitter

    Megan Jahnke, Westwood Middle  Twitter

    Tom Larson, Westwood Complex  Twitter

    Steve Brady, Spring Lake Park High School  Twitter

    John Franke, Spring Lake Park High School  Twitter

    Superintendent Jeff Ronneberg   twitter

    District Services Center Staff   twitter