John Franke and Megan Jahnke taking on new roles at the high school

For the 2020-21 school year, John Franke will be principal on special assignment working to scale important district initiatives and supporting effective adaptations as we anticipate changing conditions in the coming school year. Megan Jahnke will become the new associate principal at the high school.

“Each year we review and align staff to effectively advance critical work for the coming year,” says Jeff Ronneberg, Ed. D., superintendent. “This year, shifts among our associate principals will help us align expertise to high priority focus areas.”

Franke to be principal on special assignment

School photo of John Franke

John Franke will be principal on special assignment for the 2020-21 school year. He will have three focus areas: leading and scaling the district’s ongoing work in cultural proficiency, enhancing supports for struggling learners at the middle school and high school and flexing from one school to another to provide leadership should conditions change throughout the year.

John has been an associate principal at the high school for the last seven years and over the last two years has co-led districtwide work focused on enhancing Spring Lake Park Schools’ work in the areas of equity and cultural proficiency. The work has focused on enhancing practices and behaviors that help our schools and the people who work here provide an equitable and excellent education experience to support each child’s personal success.

“Our goal is to continually evolve and grow as a learning community that is culturally proficient, one in which each student we serve feels valued, has a sense of belonging and experiences success,” says Jeff. “Ultimately, we want and need to know each child well – their cultural backgrounds, languages and other assets each of them brings to school each day – in order to provide an enriching learning environment.”

John will also partner with Westwood Intermediate and Middle School and Spring Lake Park High School administration to improve the success of students who struggle. This work is expected to include enhancing services within our schools and at partner alternative settings.

Finally, John will be available to flex from one school to another as we anticipate changing conditions throughout the school year.

“John’s 16 years of experience in the district working at all grade levels, along with his adaptability, make him an excellent principal to float, as needed, among our schools this year as conditions warrant,” says Jeff.  

Jahnke moves to the high school

School photo of Megan Jahnke

Megan Jahnke will be the new associate principal at the high school, taking the role John is vacating. For the last six years Megan has been associate principal at Westwood Intermediate and Middle School where she was responsible for overall school leadership and also led student services programming.

“Megan demonstrates a deep commitment to personalizing learning for each student each day,” says Jeff. “Her excitement and enthusiasm for student learning, her direct, forthright style and boundless energy make this a great move for Megan and for the high school,” says Jeff.

Before coming to Spring Lake Park Schools and Westwood six years ago, Megan was at Mounds View as dean of students, and before that, a science teacher.

The Westwood associate principal role Megan vacates will be replaced and is being posted.