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Blue person icon with words Audioeye Trusted

To better serve people in our community with disabilities and to comply with new Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website accessibility laws, our new websites that launched in October featured an accessibility toolbar called AudioEye. Earlier this month, the district was notified the websites earned the AudioEye Trusted Certification and the toolbar is fully implemented.

The toolbar, which can be found by clicking on the blue person icon along the right side of the screen, now provides a comprehensive set of tools enabling website visitors to experience interfaces that are more accessible, and more usable for their specific disabilities. Users can now utilize new tools, including a site menu, page elements menu, reader, player and help desk.

The AudioEye Trusted Certification process involves automatic and manual Assistive Technology testing, with the goal of identifying and resolving accessibility barriers, ensuring an optimal experience for all users, regardless of their individual abilities. Now that the toolbar is fully implemented on our sites, AudioEye accessibility engineers will continue to monitor and audit the sites and will make changes and updates as needed. 

If you encounter accessibility issues with any page or feature on the website, please submit your feedback through the AudioEye toolbar help desk.