Technology Tools, Resources and Log Ins

At Spring Lake Park Schools, students and families will utilize a variety of technology tools. Whether you are paying a lunch bill or learning on your school-issued iPad, find technology information you need here. 

The toolkit is organized by the following topics: 

This toolkit includes links to video tutorials, FAQs and informational resources on a variety of tools used by Spring Lake Park Students and Staff.  Scroll down to find support for each of the tools.

Technology Support

The SLP Tech Department is here to support students and families.

Help Desk: 763-600-5555
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

Digital Tools and Data Privacy

Spring Lake Park Schools uses a variety of digital tools to support student learning. Technology software and resources are used to support work as we help all students develop the skills necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world. 

See an inventory of the digital tools we use for curriculum, testing, and assessment. This inventory includes an outline of the student data elements used within each tool and a link to data privacy policies enacted with the software or technology vendor.


Digital Learning Systems: Schoology and Seesaw

Spring Lake Park Schools uses two digital learning systems, Seesaw and Schoology, that support our district's 1:1 Digital Learning Initiative.

With Seesaw, students can share their learning and growth, and families can see learning evidence posted to their child's journal.

With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities both at school and from home, such as submitting homework assignments, reviewing grades, participating in interactive discussions, receiving announcements and feedback, taking tests and writing academic blogs. Parents also have login information that allows access to Schoology.

Below you will find information to support students and families on the use of these systems.

      Login to Schoology                                       Login to Seesaw

School Operational Systems

Spring Lake Park Schools uses a variety of operational systems to support students and families. Click into the accordions below to login to each system.

iPad with apps thumbnail

iPad Tutorials

Tutorials for using Spring Lake Park Schools iPads.


  • To find all information regarding iPads at Spring Lake Park Schools, please visit the iPad Resource Hub
Self Service icon

Self Service

Tutorials for using Self Service on an iPad


  • To find information about using using Self Service on an iPad, please visit the iPad Resource Hub

Conferencing Tools

Check out Webex and Schoology Conference tools and tutorials.

Tools to Demonstrate Student Learning

Spring Lake Park Schools students use a variety of digital tools to demonstrate learning. Below you will find tutorials for a variety of tools available to students.

Student Online Resources

Spring Lake Park Schools students use a variety of online resources. Below you'll find tutorials to help navigate and use these resources.

Troubleshooting Tips

Tips on Internet connection issues that you can try at home if you are having issues with connection or experiencing slow speeds.

Translate documents

There are several ways you can use your child's iPad to translate documents. You use the Google translate app found in Self Service. You can follow these steps for support:

  • Get Google Translate. If the Google Translate app is not on the iPad, download it from Self Service.
  • Open Google Translate. Find the Google Translate app and open it by tapping its icon.
  • Pick languages. There are two boxes at the top. Tap the first to choose English. Tap the second to choose the language you want the report card translated into.
  • Select camera mode. Below the boxes, tap the option that looks like a camera to use it for translation. Allow camera access. When it asks for camera access, just say "OK" or "Allow."
  • Take a Picture. Hold the iPad over the report card, with text in the frame, and take a picture.
  • Adjust if needed. The words will be highlighted. To change the highlighted part, drag the corners of the box.
  • Translate. After the text is selected, tap "Translate.” The words will change to the language you chose.
  • Read the translation.  If the translation is not right, you might need to fix it or try taking the picture again.
  • Save or share. To keep the translated text or show it to someone, select the option you want.