In 2004, 60 community members, identified for their loyalty, passion and support of the school district community, met to discuss the need for the Foundation. The idea was wholeheartedly supported. Volunteers from the community were appointed to a board of directors.

The Panther Foundation is a non-profit organization which partners and supports Spring Lake Park Schools, serving Blaine, Spring Lake Park and Fridley Minnesota.

With the combined commitments of the school district, the Panther Foundation and the members of the community, we can ensure our students receive the best educational opportunities.

In our first four years, over 100 grants were presented on behalf of students. In addition, another $30,000 was raised and used for "Fund-a-Dream" projects in the district. Our original sources of funding were from annual membership dues, February's Grand Gala, and the fall event called Staff Folleeez. Since then we've started two more events - the annual Carnival & 5K and the Golf Fundraiser benefiting Spring Lake Park Athletics and Activities. 

2004-2005 Charter Board of Directors

The following individuals were part of the first board of directors: 

Executive Committee
Terry Dussault- Chair
Theresa Berset-Klis- Vice-Chair
Tom Newland- Treasurer
Ann Bryn-Gornia- Secretary
Don Helmstetter- Executive Director

Members at Large
Jim Amundson
Jill Brown
Marilynn Forsberg
AnneMarie Klimek
Joel LeVahn
Leo Luskey
Glenn Martin
Sue Pyatt
Scott Strand
George Walter
Al Yee Litt

Past Board Members

We would like to thank the following individuals for their time and dedication to the Panther Foundation and Spring Lake Park Schools:

  • Theresa Berset-Klis
  • Mark Boser
  • Jill Brown
  • Ann Bryz-Gornia
  • Jacque Curran
  • Kelly Delfs
  • Terry Dussault
  • Eric Edlund
  • Stephanie Eichstaedt
  • Marilynn Forsberg
  • Denise Fowler
  • Tom Gallagher
  • Bobbi George
  • Julie Nelson Gotham
  • Mike Hay
  • Chris Hasling
  • Don Helmstetter
  • Amy Hennen
  • Paula Hoff
  • Evan Johnston
  • Wendy Koschak
  • AnneMarie Klimek
  • Scott Kranz
  • Sharon Krumme
  • Tom Larson
  • Jodi Lichtsinn
  • Glenn Martin
  • Toni Mortensen
  • Julie Nelson Gotham
  • Lisa Ojile
  • Amy Privratsky
  • Greg Prokott
  • Tammi Provart
  • Ted Rogers
  • Pam Smith-Owens
  • Megan Stevens
  • Kieu Stueve
  • Mary Strohmayer
  • Andrew Tortora
  • Al Yee Litt
2019 Annual Sponsors
Justin and Tara Bonde text

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