Grants Awarded

Since 2004, the Foundation has awarded $1.5 million dollars to Spring Lake Park Schools to fund more than 250 projects and initiatives. Click on the years below to learn more about the grants awarded.


Project Author School
Eighth Hour C. Norman Westwood
U.S. Space and Rocket Center J. Carlson Westwood
Camilia Rose D. Bray Woodcrest
Bullying P. Yelle Community Education
Recovery Caucus E. Hendrickson Learning Alternatives
MIRAGE Publication S. Harlan-Marks High School
Reading Buddies J. Nolby Kenneth Hall
Life-Centered Career Education S. Halverson Special Ed.
Parents As Partners - Family Math Bags A. Alto Kenneth Hall
Family Fun at Centennial Square S. Ahmed Westwood & Park Terrace
Summer Fun L. Dickman Kenneth Hall
Cultural Explorations S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Technology Club Heat Press M. Stefanacci Westwood
New Beginnings T-Shirts Elem. Transition Committee All Elementary


Project Author School
French Horn & Baritone J. Seiler Westwood
Adap. Art Project for High-Risk Students Matthew Bowen Westwood
Alcohol/Tobacco Decisions Program Lori Henry High School
Cantus Project A. Howard and S. Phelps Westwood
ECFE Baby Bags for New Parents Barb Saunders Early Childhood
Field Trip to Historic Sites

M.Brooks, L.Pouliot, M.Paulos

Mentoring Project Pilot LACS Staff Learning Alternatives
"The Voice" Peer Education Theater P. Yelle Community Education
Westwood Elementary Kindness Retreat C. Pederson Westwood
Viruses and the Hot Zone M. Tichich Westwood
Panther Den D. Madsen Community Education
Bridges to Adventure and Learning M. Paulos Westwood


Project Author School
Lending Library for ECSE K. Mehrkens Early Childhood
Chance Program - Gate S. Larson Early Childhood
Two Double French Horns J. Seiler Westwood
First Lego League D. Kretchmar Westwood
Outdoor Adventure S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Drumline Equipment N. Tycast High School
Sandpiper Digital Cameras H. Johnson High School
HS Band Recording Equipment B. Lukkasson High School
The Holocaust and Its Relevance Today B. Magid-Hart High School
Artist-In-Residence J. Szurek Learning Alternatives
Homework Help and Book Club M. Hendrickson Westwood
K-3 "Challenge" Materials T. Rootes  Woodcrest
Ride the Bus CD Transportation All Elementary
Clay Station R. Fletcher Lighthouse
SLPHS Tutorial Program C.  Elhardt High School
Concordia Language Village T. Miller Westwood
Authors Conference K. Fehringer ALL EL
Book-In-A-Bag A. Hayden Park Terrace
ELL Home Language Literacy S. Gromaski Westwood
10th Grade CPR/AED Training J. Kalien High School
Bring Learning to Life A. Dedrickson Woodcrest
Jeopardy J. Bennett Westwood
Skills USA M. Voigt High School
5th Grade Band J. Seiler Westwood
Spectrum MS K. Schaaf Westwood


Project Author School
One Small Thing S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Tubas for 5th Grade J.Seiler Westwood
National FCCLA Competition/Convention L. Henry High School
Exercise Balls as Classroom Seating T. Snyder Westwood
LACS Advisory Speaker Series S. Ganske, R. Watson Learning Alternatives
National Skills USA Conference M. Voigt High School
"Make a Difference" Support Our Troops - Family Service Day P. Yelle Community Education
Manga & Comic Book Club T. Jensen High School
SLPHS Pep Band Bass Drums N. Tycast, B. Lukkasson High School
Jump Start/Hand in Hand K. Harrison Early Childhood
School Supplies for All J. LeVahn All 
Ceramics B & C M. Ardht, S. Johnson High School
HS Writing Lab S. Harlan-Marks High School
HS Football Team Palm Desert Trip J. Schlief High School
Holocaust Presentation B. Magid Hart High School
Grade 3 Timeline Books J. Nolby Kenneth Hall
Nonfiction Text Development D. Lindo Park Terrace
Guided Reading Books A. Sinko Park Terrace
First Lego League D. Kretchmar Westwood
Speaker For FCCLA L. Henry High School
New Teacher E. Stalsberg, J. Anderson Woodcrest
Automated External Defibrillator W. Neiss High School
English Language Learners at Home A. Reinard High School
Say Yes to No Book Club P. Yelle Community Education
After-School Transportation J. Ronneberg All 
Scholarship Fund for Preschool Children K. Goessel-Seery Early Childhood
Financial Aid for the 2008 Choir Tour J. Wressel High School
Tech Tour 2008 Arizona M. Voigt High School
Reading Achievement & Audiobooks T. Jensen High School
Kenneth Hall First Grade Making Words J. Anderson Kenneth Hall
Storyteller at KH M. Altstatt Kenneth Hall
Enriching the KH/NP Book Room with Leveled Text For Students M. Gooder Kenneth Hall
Cultural Explorations & Appreciation S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Flashmaster A. Dedrickson Woodcrest
Life Skill Boxes K. Olson Woodcrest
Book Series in the Primary Schools Primary Media Specialists All Elementary
Concordia Language Villages T. Miller Westwood
Middle School Show Choir Festival S. Phelps Westwood
Early Childhood Developmental Posters B. Saunders Early Childhood
4th & 5th Grade Organizational Project M. Raverty Westwood
Basic Skills Classroom Library C.  Alden Westwood
Increasing Parent Involvement Through Conversation Groups A. Kobernat Woodcrest
International EMS Competition B. Neiss High School
Early Childhood Playground Project -2008 T. Tarnowski Early Childhood
Vocal Music Performance - Marcoux Corner A. Howard Westwood
Panther Den N. Mundis-Goad  High School
Real Men Read T. Jensen High School
LifeSkills-Green Thumbs F. Jackson High School
Music Commission/ Artist in Residence B. Lukkasson High School
Gliders S. Larson Early Childhood
Math Buddies Project A. Olson & Shawn Arlt Westwood
Northpoint PTO Start-Up M. Callahan/ Northpoint PTO Parents Northpoint
Let's Focus Project M. Hendrickson Westwood
I Care Project J. Kahoun Woodcrest
Preschool Scholarships K. Goessel-Seery Early Childhood
Successfully Reaching our Students in Need Project M. Lotze Westwood


Project Author School
6+1 Traits of Writing V. Pap Northpoint
Concordia Language Villages Transportation T. Miller Westwood
Global Language Project M. Bacha & S. Gerding Westwood
8th Grade Trip to Minneapolis Institute of Arts J. Fahey & G. Kugler Westwood
Building Student Self-Reliance Using Community Resources J. Dauphinee High School
Free Voluntary Reading for English Language Learners J. Castillo Westwood
We get fit while we sit!  We can squirm and still learn! A. Dedrickson Woodcrest
Dance Dance Revolution B. Antony Northpoint
Study Island - Pilot Project D. Cox Westwood
World Response to the Holocaust N. Powell, R.Fletcher Learning Alternatives
Tools for participation equality in Physical Education- Pilot Project S. Ganske, B.  Repasky Learning Alternatives
LACS Chemical Health Awareness Week  S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
One Small Thing - Renewal S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Reading Achievement and Audiobooks - Renewal T. Jensen High School
Virtual & Real World Reference Shelves T. ensen High School
Vocal Music Performance - Marcoux Corner - Renewal A. Howard Westwood
Technology Improvement for the High School Music Department J. Wressell High School
On The Ball C. Pederson All Elementary


Project Author School
3rd Grade Math Anchor Activities A. Dedrickson Woodcrest
10th Grade CPR Training J. Stewart High School
Artist in Residence - WMS J. Coler, C. Peterson Westwood
Differentiation & English Language Learners T. Jensen High School
Improving Through Improv B. Sommers Learning Alternatives
SSITT (Social Skills Improvement through Theater) A. McEntire Westwood
Successfully Reaching our Students in Need M. Lotze Westwood
Early Autism Spectrum Disorder Lending Library  S. Hansen Early Childhood
NP - IPOD Touch for Learning  J. Offerdahl, A.  Sinko Northpoint
Early Play Skills Project: Parent Training and Lending Library L. Pepin Early Childhood
Flight Simulators for Exploring Aviation M. Voigt High School
Micro-Scale Chemistry E. Hartse High School
No Child Left Inside S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Board Games for Teaching Classroom Content S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
6th Grade Science Bridge Building Challenge R. Utes/ Westwood
Hands on Geography D. Enstad & S. Nimlos  Westwood
Café LA K. Sylvester Learning Alternatives
Web-Based Inquiry  Learning Centers M. Tichich and E. Lemke  Westwood
Improving at-risk learners' literacy through technology and choice S. Ganske  Learning Alternatives
Rocketry K. Barnes and S.  Ganske  Learning Alternatives
Implementing STEM and PBL through Green Gardening S. Ganske  Learning Alternatives
Resusci Anne Simulator B. Neiss High School
SLPHS Knowledge Bowl Team J. Sellers and P. Yelle  High School
Summer Reading for All A. Bjurlin and K. Marquardt  Woodcrest


Project Author School
Engaging Learners Using 21st Century Tools J. Eaton, C. Horton, N. Pudwill, A. Bjurlin Woodcrest
iPad for Speech Language Therapy C. Schroeder High School
iPad Best Practices Implementation M. Zaugg High School
New Music Commission and Composer in Residence B. Lukkasson High School
Flashmaster-Master the Facts A. Sowards Westwood
Learning Wrap-Ups - Multiplication Class Kit T. Pickens Westwood
Altered Books: Interdisciplinary Exploration C.Gustafson & J. Pataconi Learning Alternatives
The Ounce Scale S. Larson Early Childhood
Learning Alternatives Guitar Course and Music Production and Performance Course J. Wressel Learning Alternatives
FIRST Robotics F. Herman Learning Alternatives
Westwood Middle School EBD Technology Grant A. Jenkauski, B. Havelka Westwood
Summer Reading 4 All A. Bjurlin and K.  Marquardt Woodcrest
Spring Lake Park Urban Boat Building J. Franke High School
High School Reading Intervention Book Club T. Jensen & J. Bobbe High School
Cancer, Caps, and Covers S.Ganske & K. Sylvester Learning Alternatives
The Science & Art of Skateboarding S. Ganske Learning Alternatives
Social Studies Learning Centers K. McCarthy & L. Pouliot High School
Outdoor Adventure: Learning & Leadership Opportunities for At-Risk Youth S. Ganske Learning Alternatives


Project Author School
E-Readers to Ease Reading M. Brandenburg, K. Sadven High School
E-Readers for 7th Grade Bridge Language Arts S. Anderson Westwood
Early Connections: Movement, Music & Literacy B. Saunders Early Childhood
iPads for Spanish Literacy J. Hayle Spanish Immersion
Get Moving with Video Games D. Downs Park Terrace
LEGO STEM Enrichment Units J. Burda, T. Larson Westwood
The Math Touch D. Wood High School
Engaging Diverse Learners Through the use of Ipads B. Perry, A. Young, D.  Clements Park Terrace
K-12 Art Dept. Document Cameras J. Fahey Westwood
Reach Out and Read Pilot Program J. Gotham Early Childhood
Science House Membership D. Kretchmar Westwood


Project Author School
Automated External Defibrillator Trainers B. Neiss High School
Give the Gift of Reading J.  Faab Early Childhood
The Lighthouse Program: Honing Life Skills B. Keilty, L. Adwan Learning Alternatives
WWMS iPad Geek Squad B. Streitz Westwood
1:1 Digital Learning Initiative - Nearpod J. Nemanich All
Gearing Up for Kindergarten B. Saunders Early Childhood
Park Terrace Community Zone K. Fehringer Park Terrace


Project Author School
HS Music Commission B. Lukkasson High School
Piano Keyboard Lab A. Howard Westwood
Ready, Set, Read! S.  Hansen, B.  Saunders Early Childhood
Digital Library J. Nemanich All
SLP Panther Youth Football Association Start up Funds Community Member Community
Tower Days Parade P. Yelle District Wide
Digital Extension Modules M.  Paulos. District Wide
SMR Panther University L. Johnson All Elementary


Project Author School
Ready, Set, Read! Renewal B. Burkhardt Early Childhood
Racking our Brains! J. Wuggazer Westwood
Buddy Benches H. Rogers All Elementary
MusicWorks Pilot Project T.  Larson Westwood
Panther Youth Tennis Program M. Fierst Community
Summer School Field Trip V. Limon Spanish Immersion
EC Playground K. Goessel-Seery/EC Early Childhood
Senior All Night Party SNAP  High School


Project Author School
OEC Trip Erik Bryz-Gornia High School
Tower Days Parade Pete Yelle Community
New Staff Welcome HR/Pederson All
Spanish Immersion Lego Grant E. Linares Woodcrest
PT Cardboard Challenge Day Cheryl Peterson Park Terrace


Project Author School
STAT Pack Update B. Neiss High School
Digital Microscopes S. McBride Westwood
Hockey Grant J. Orrey Community
Band Commission B. Lukkasson High School
WC Mosaic Bench Community Project Parent Woodcrest
Destination Imagination Finals Trip Parent Lighthouse
HOSA OEC Trip B. Neiss High School
Mad Science L. Pouilet Lighthouse
New Staff Welcome HR/Pederson District Wide
Parade Books P. Yelle Community
SLP Phy. Ed. Grant J. Depoint Westwood


Project Author School
DECA State Competition S. Welken High School
FCCLA State Competition Expenses L. Henry High School
FCCLA National Trip L. Henry High School
Lighthouse Destination Imagination Team Global Finals A. Karger Lighthouse
Parade Books P. Yelle Community
New Staff Welcome HR/Pederson District Wide
PTO Start-Up Centerview M. Callahan Centerview
2018 New Beginnings Shirts M. Callahan All Elementary
Math National Trip  M. St. Martin High School