Day in the Life

Students arriving at school and coming through the doors

While some students walk or get a ride from their parents, many Northpoint students arrive at school each day on a school bus. The buses safely transport the students to school, ready for the start of day at 9:20 a.m.

Breakfast Program
A Centerview student eating breakfast

Prior to the start of the school day, breakfast is available for students. A healthy breakfast is essential for students to have a successful day of learning. The cost of breakfast is $1.30 per day and free for students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals. There is no charge for kindergarten students.

Morning Meeting
A teacher and students gather for a morning meeting

All students at Northpoint participate in a daily morning meeting to prepare for the day. Each meeting provides opportunities for students to connect with their teacher as well as other students. Daily meetings help to build a sense of community in each classroom and sets up each student for success.

Math Instruction
Teacher working with small group on math

All elementary students in Spring Lake Park Schools spend about 60 minutes each day on math learning. Our students learn to use math in powerful ways across all content areas.

Other Instruction
student smiling and showing off her artwork

Student in grades one-four have 45 minutes of art, music and physical education on a three-day rotation. These classes are taught by art, music and physical education specialists.

Reading Block
A Northpoint student reading a book

All elementary students in Spring Lake Park Schools spend 120 minutes each day on reading instruction with 60 minutes in smaller groups focused on specific student needs. Teachers and academic specialists help to focus on each student’s specific needs.

Northpoint students in the cafeteria

A nutritious lunch is part of every day at Northpoint. While some students may choose to bring a lunch from home, our cafeteria offers healthy lunches for students and staff. A 30-minute lunch period is provided for students as a more relaxed atmosphere to eat lunch and interact with peers without a rush to get to recess.

Kids playing on the Northpoint playground

Northpoint, along with the other district elementary schools, has recently changed the look of recess time during the day. Students have two opportunities for movement each day with teachers providing a supervised outdoor recess each day. The teacher-led recess time is primarily free play, with some organized, collaborative play to incorporate social skills instruction and development. Our recess periods are purposefully and flexibly placed within the school day to increase student attentiveness and focus.

Media Center
Northpoint Media Center

The media center at Northpoint is located near the center of the school and is easily accessible by all classrooms. While the media center still has many books for students to check out, the space is also used as another flexible learning space for teachers and students.

Availability of Health Services
A nurses nameplate outside of the nurses room

Centerview has a health office staffed by a nurse and paraprofessional. Along with providing care and comfort for students who are not feeling well, our school's nurse helps manage chronic health conditions, assesses and treats students' illness and injuries, maintains health records, and promotes a safe and healthy school environment. Our nurse works closely with families to assist with any student health issues.

Special Education
A student with glasses smiling

All district elementary schools offer a continuum of specialized services to ensure that each student makes both academic and social/emotional/behavioral progress.

Three Northpoint students working on a STEM project

We offer and continue to expand STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning opportunities for each student at Northpoint. Each elementary school in the district has a full-time gifted/STEM specialist. Our gifted/STEM specialist works with both students and teachers, providing professional learning and support to teachers to assist them in providing STEM learning and using the specially designed STEM spaces in each school.

Student on iPad

Our district uses Schoology as an integrated learning management tool that helps track and improved student outcomes as well as enhance student engagement. With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities, such as submitting homework assignments, reviewing grades, participating in interactive discussions, receiving announcements and feedback, taking tests, and writing academic blog. Parents are given access to their student’s account. Teachers also use a variety of other digital tools to regularly communicate with parents.

Before and after school child care
Northpoint Early Childhood students playing with puppets

Before and after school child care is offered at Northpoint through the district’s Learning Ventures program. The program offers high quality and affordable child care services in a safe and supportive environment for each student.

End of day departure
Students leaving at the end of the day on the bus

At the end of each school day at 3:55 p.m., our buses return to Northpoint to take our students home from school. Adequate time is provided for students to board buses and buses are staged to allow students to easily find their bus.