Who We Are

High expectations.
High achievement for all.
No excuses.

Welcome to Northpoint Elementary School in Blaine! We are one of three elementary schools in Spring Lake Park Schools serving grades in preK-4.

Innovative and Personalized Learning

Each student at Northpoint Elementary School is known by name, strength, interest and need, leading to personalized student work and learning experiences.

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Focus on Literacy

All elementary students in Spring Lake Park Schools spend 120 minutes each day on reading instruction with 60 minutes in smaller groups focused on specific student needs.

STEM and Real-world Learning

We continue to expand our STEM learning for each student in Spring Lake Park Schools. We are redesigning traditional learning experiences and transforming our classrooms to help our students become creators, designers, inventors, thinkers and leaders.

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Career and College Readiness and 12 x 12

We are collectively committed to designing engaging learning experiences that lead to each student earning 12 college credits by the end of 12th grade.

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Low Class Sizes

One of our top priorities is to maintain low class sizes. Our class sizes at elementary grade levels are among the lowest in the metro area and among neighboring districts.

State of the Art Facilities

Parts of Northpoint have been redesigned to provide flexible learning environments that allow teachers to meet the varied needs and interests of students.

Panther Pride

Amazing things are happening every day at Northpoint Elementary School – learn more about our Northpoint stories and voices.

Why I’m #SLPPantherProud

Hear from our staff, students and community about the amazing things that are happening at Northpoint every day.

Northpoint paraprofessional Bao Nguyen playing Uno and smiling with two students

Paraprofessional Behavioral Specialist, Northpoint

I personalize learning by finding out what each student is like and then getting on their level. I want what is best for them, by giving them a break or just listening to them. I want them to know that school is a safe place where they can be themselves and where they are loved.

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Katrina McCarthy

Teacher, Northpoint

I am #SLPPantherProud because of our children, families and co-workers who all inspire, challenge, push and support me! I am also so excited by the technology - not just electronically but new and innovative ideas we use to engage our students.

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Judi-Kahoun sitting with students

Principal, Northpoint

I really feel Northpoint is a special place. We want to get to know each child not only by name, but by interest, strength, need and how they best learn.

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Audrey Hendrickson working with a student

Teacher, Northpoint

It is really exciting to work in a school district where teachers are given opportunities to design engaging lessons for our student population. We are encouraged and expected to try new things daily.

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Northpoint Front Entrance

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