Sara Vincent

Spring Lake Park High School     

Health Teacher                   

What year did you start working in Spring Lake Park Schools? 

Why did you choose to join Spring Lake Park Schools?
SLP's vision and purpose closely line up with my personal values and goals as a teacher.

What's the best part of your day, as an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools?
I love when a student from a previous trimester comes to my room or sees me in the hallway and is excited to share their life events or accomplishments that they are proud of- whether they are related to health class or otherwise.

What do you do when you're not at work?
I enjoy spending time outside, exploring parks and seeing new things! I do a lot of yoga, gardening, reading and enjoying sunshine.

How do you personalize learning for students?
When it comes to health, our experiences are always individual and different. Because of this nature of my content, students are able to share their own experiences in a way that works for them and I find ways to apply each topic to different lifestyles and personalities.

What makes you #SLPPantherProud?
I am #SLPPantherProud to spend so much time in a community of learners who are passionate about pursuing their dreams and proud to witness dreams coming true!

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