Patty and a student giving a high-five

Patty Jansen

Lighthouse School for gifted and insatiable learners and Spring Lake Park High School

Special Education teacher

What year did you start working in Spring Lake Park Schools? 

Why did you choose to join Spring Lake Park Schools?
I wanted to be part of Spring Lake Park Schools because of the diversity in learning. With the Spanish Immersion School as well as the Lighthouse School for gifted students, it showed me that the district is willing to think outside the box. I love how there are opportunities for many different students and their many different needs.

What's the best part of your day, as an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools?
As a special education teacher, I feel I get the opportunity to know students and their families very well. I get to work with most students one-on-one and really get to personalize their learning. I love having a student for many years and I get to see the growth the student has made throughout those years.

What do you do when you're not at work?
During my free time, I love to hangout with my husband and three kids. We love to be outside, go for bike rides, and especially camp together. I also love to bake and do yoga when I get some extra time.

How do you personalize learning for students?
Special education affords me a caseload to manage and small class sizes. This way, I can really get to know students and their families on a personal level. While working on personal student goals or having a class discussion, I get to incorporate information about each student that can help them relate to our daily learning. Making the learning have real-world connections with each student helps the student connect.

What makes you #SLPPantherProud?
Working with students is what first drew me into teaching and I especially love working with SLP students and co-workers because SLP has always given me a small community and family. I feel that the smaller community allows students to feel more supported. This is why I am #SLPPantherProud.

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