Katrina McCarthy with her students

Katrina McCarthy

Northpoint Elementary

2nd Grade Teacher and Social Studies Lead

What year did you start working in Spring Lake Park Schools?

Why did you choose to join Spring Lake Park Schools?
I was excited by the personal learning that the district was talking about at the time. The district was looking at the whole child's personal, social and academic growth.

What's the best part of your day, as an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools?
Learning and reading with the children! I am always excited about something the children and I are doing each day. This year I have been sharing these moments with families each day on Twitter and Instagram. Appreciating the little moments of wonder, smiles and excitement to learn! (Follow Katrina on Twitter here)

What do you do when you're not at work?
Read, play games with my family, eat out, watch movies, exercise -rollerblade, bike, run, cross-stitch, make photo albums.

How do you personalize learning for students?
I learn about each child's interests, learning techniques, gifts and challenges. I meet with the children to hear what they have to say about their schooling and interests during lunch, recess or free moments during the day. I change what or how I am teaching based on what children and their families are telling me.

What makes you #SLPPantherProud?
I am #SLPPantherProud because of our children, families and co-workers who all inspire, challenge, push and support me! I am also so excited by the technology -not just electronically but new and innovative ideas we use to engage our students.

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