Joel high fiving a student

Joel Carlovsky 

Woodcrest Spanish Immersion 

Kindergarten Spanish Immersion Teacher 

How long have you worked in Spring Lake Park Schools?
This is my first year. 

Why did you choose to join Spring Lake Park Schools?
I've been officially teaching for over 10 years - and consider myself a lifelong educator and learner. Now that I'm in my 30's, I do not necessarily need to "officially" meet with a mentor every week. However, I do want to surround myself with other innovators and sparks. 

Elizabeth Linares is such an innovative and forward thinking leader that I could not resist Woodcrest Spanish Immersion. Her leadership inspires the best in me and in our school.

What's the best part of your day, as an employee of Spring Lake Park Schools?
All of it! I daily joke that we are reprograming these kindergarteners. We are daily and habitually shifting and extending their mindsets. And we are validating them for being who they are. Our room is the Super Brave Room. And we strive to spark bravery in our kids and our school every day! 

What do you do when you're not at work?
I love to lose myself in dance. Better put, I find myself when I am free within the movements and music. I teach dance classes for teachers and staff twice a week before school at Woodcrest. And I am always dancing with our students, at home and everywhere.


I also love all the weekly traditions that my husband and I have. Nightly walks. Weekend runs. Friday Steak and Popcorn night. Saturday bike rides to bookstores and coffeeshops. Sunday pancakes with the NY Times. So many traditions to look forward to!

I always say that I can't teach our kids about life if I don't have a life! 

What makes you #SLPPantherProud?
I grew up always feeling safe but rarely brave enough to be and bring my full self. I didn't know that I could be 100% me AND be fully loved, accepted and validated. Just for being me. 

Spring Lake Park Schools honors who I am - not only my bright moments but also my push towards new heights and visions. Best of all, I get to daily show kids that they are wonderful just for being who they are. Yes, the innovating is fun. But being a brave teacher for these students leaves me speechless.

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