Centerview Elementary and new green space that is replacing the velodrome

Spring Lake Park Schools recently received a passing vote from the Blaine City Counsel to purchase the Velodrome site located near Centerview Elementary School and the National Sports Center (NSC). The site will become green space for student use and help improve safety and traffic flow around the school.

“Our goal in purchasing the site is to create a contiguous site that is safe for kids to easily access from the school while providing green space for play. The option to purchase the additional site was included in the original purchase of the Centerview property. It was our intention that when the 2019 cycling season was complete that we would extend the usable green space for the school,” says Amy Schultz, director of business services at SLP.

In addition to turning the Velodrome location into green space, the plan includes moving roads. The existing road that turns into the Centerview and NSC property from Davenport Street, located just south of the school, will move to a new intersection at 103rd. The road will wrap around the green space and lead into the Centerview and NSC parking lots.

“After studying the traffic flow from Davenport Street into the Centerview and NSC property, we found most traffic using the existing road to access NSC and Centerview parking lots, or as a short cut through to 105th. If continued once the new green space is complete, it would cause safety concerns for our students and traffic flow problems,” says Amy. “By creating a new intersection at 103rd, we plan to keep the current entrance as an access point only for staff and bussing. The road will be closed to other traffic. We hope these changes make traffic flow smoother and safer.”

Once completed, access to Centerview and the NSC parking lots will be from either the 103rd intersection or from the north 105th intersection. View the layout of the new space.

The construction to take down the Velodrome is tentatively scheduled to take place in August 2020. Plans for developing the green space will include working with Centerview staff to visualize how that space might best support students.

“We are excited about this new space and eager to see how these changes will benefit our students and greater community,” says Jeff Ronneberg, Superintendent. “We appreciate the support from the Blaine City Counsel to improve the safety of our students and are grateful to the NSC staff for their amazing partnership throughout this process."