Isabella and Eleanor are the 2021-2022 school board student representatives

Seniors Ellie Jeppson and Bella Sciara are this year's student representatives on the Spring Lake Park Schools school board.

Each year, the board welcomes two student representatives from the high school’s student council to join their board meetings and update members on student life and the SLP experience.

This year, both student representatives come with long-time Spring Lake Park Schools experience. Their SLP journey began nearly 12 years ago in kindergarten at Northpoint Elementary. Since then, both have discovered their passions and interests.

Ellie Jeppson has become a big history buff and likes taking the Advanced Placement courses available to her in history. She is varsity captain of the girl’s tennis team, an officer of National Honor Society, and a house leader of the Panther Mentor program. She is also this year’s president of the Student Council. When she graduates next spring, she plans on applying to a couple of East coast colleges with the hopes of going into Political Science and potentially on to law school.

Bella Sciara has discovered a love for science, especially biology and chemistry. Her favorite class this fall is AP Chemistry. Outside of school, she was on the cross-country team for two years, and has been a dancer since the age of three. She also enjoys art, music and reading. After high school, she would like to attend college and earn a degree in biochemistry. “I hope to someday become a medical researcher helping to find better treatment options for blood cancers,” says Bella, a 3-time Leukemia survivor.

Both Bella and Ellie bring their pride along with purpose to this new year-long commitment. “I am proud to be part of a district and school that places so much importance on helping to make the community a better place,” says Bella. As for Ellie, she says, “I’m really proud of how diverse our school is and how accepting everybody is. I’m proud to be a part of that diverse community.”

Both look forward to this year of service with the school board and hope to gain new, behind-the-scenes perspectives to help them be more engaged and involved. “I think that by going to various sports games and getting involved in various activities I’m especially motivated to make our school as amazing as possible,” says Ellie.

Student representatives have been part of the Spring Lake Park Schools school board since the 1999-2000 school year.

We value having student voices on the board. Hearing about their experiences and gaining student perspective on what is important and engaging to our student body is incredibly helpful and inspiring. We look forward to working with Ellie and Bella this year to make it the best possible. Amy Hennen, board chair