An instructor assists students with their STEM race car design

Education Evolving, a Minnesota-based nonprofit working to help educators across the country better prepare students for a 21st century world, has featured Spring Lake Park Schools work to accelerate personalized learning during COVID-19.  

In a blog post – aimed at inspiring educators from across the country – the blog explores the ways Spring Lake Park Schools sought to keep students at the center and advance our personalized learning vision despite the pandemic.

It’s gratifying to be profiled by such a reputable organization, not just because it highlights SLP but because it affirms so many of the efforts we undertook during the pandemic to support our students and their learning.
- Hope Rahn, director of learning and innovation

The article notes SLP’s long history of innovation and use of human-centered design that we call SLP3D (the three D’s being discover, design, deliver). The blog goes into depth on four areas:

  • Our work to set clear and measurable learning outcomes mapped to academic standards set forth by the state
  • Our increased and increasing use of learner profiles and learner maps to understand each learner more deeply and create meaningful learning experiences for them
  • Our belief and practice that learning happens anytime, anywhere
  • Our work to evolve how we assess student learning

“I’ve been really proud of how our SLP team didn’t just survive the past year and a half but embraced this challenging time to take our vision of personalizing learning for each student to new levels,” says Jeff Ronneberg, Superintendent. “And, we keep learning. As we approach a new school year, we know we are not going back to pre-pandemic ways of learning and teaching. We’re blazing the next trail. It’s fun to be recognized by other educators and to share our story.”

Read the full Education Evolving blog post featuring Spring Lake Park Schools.