SLPHS student wearing glasses and giving a thumbs up

It’s been a year of transitions. Hopefully, there is just one more to go. When they return from spring break on March 23, students in grades 7-12 who have been learning in a Modified Campus (hybrid) model will transition to learning at school each day.

“Our teams are creatively addressing how to transition students back to learning at school five days a week and support the required planning time for teachers outlined in the state’s Safe Learning Plan,” says Jeff Ronneberg, superintendent. “This is good news for the final months of this unusual school year and what we hope is one final transition for students and families.

Students in preschool through sixth grade returned to full-time learning at school in January. The district also continues to operate an Extended Flexible Learning (distance learning) model across all grade levels for families who have chosen it.  

Leaders at Westwood Middle School, Spring Lake Park High School and Lighthouse will be sharing schedules and other details with families in advance of the spring break.

District families were asked to submit any requests to change their child’s learning model for the third trimester by February 26. As more vaccines become available and infection rates continue to decline, there have been more requests to change from distance learning to more at-school learning.

Vaccinations are a key factor in providing seamless, in-person services for students. Staffing has been one of the greatest challenges this year.

“Over the last week, we were able to secure first doses of COVID-19 vaccine for nearly all of our staff,” says Jeff. “This is exciting – not only for personal health as we transition to more in-person services but for learning continuity for students and families.”  

Most staff will receive a second vaccine dose before the end of March.

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