Day in the Life

Lighthouse students working in their new open space

Students come to Lighthouse School on school buses as well as being dropped off by parents. The buses safely transport the students to school, ready for the start of day at 8:10 a.m.

Daily Meetings
students laughing with each other at morning meeting

Each day at Lighthouse, students get the opportunity to connect with their friends, during SLPHS Panther/Flex time. Each meeting provides opportunities for students to connect with their teacher as well as other students. The meetings are also an opportunity for each student to plan their day.

Self-Directed Learning
Teacher showing students how to do something on the iPad

At Lighthouse, student direct their own learning and decide how and when to approach their learning, whether working independently or in a small group. Students generally create a plan at the beginning of each week on how they will spend their time at school. These plans typically allow flexibility for students to alter their weekly plan as needed to accommodate special presentations, group meetings with other students, or to continue with an activity for longer than originally planned.

Work Blocks
Students working on iPads together

Some periods during the school day are scheduled classes while others are open work blocks. Within each work block, students may choose what they work on and how to proceed with their work. Each student sets their own pace and chooses when and how to work on their tasks. In addition, students may also choose to take courses at Spring Lake Park High School.

Literacy Clubs
Lighthouse students posing, smiling with author Ricardo Peters

Each Lighthouse student participates in a Literacy Club, which meet weekly throughout the school year. Each club is established around a chosen book. Students read the assigned book, participate in discussions with other students and complete assignments related to the reading. 

One-to-One Conferences with Facilitators
Lighthouse students talking with a teacher

Each week, students schedule one-on-one conferences with a teacher-facilitator to discuss what they are working on and share their ideas and inquiry research. Teachers-facilitators spend time talking with each student informally and in the weekly meetings to build relationships with each student and to provide any necessary support or instruction.

Academic Competitions
Destination Imagination team smiling after winning

Academic competitions are an important part of each day for Lighthouse students. Students can work individually or in groups to participate in competitions. Students can choose from a wide array of options that are intended to encourage critical and creative thinking. Currently, Lighthouse students are participating in competitions including History Day, Inventors’ Fair, Destination Imagination and many more.

Lighthouse student using a ruler

Throughout each school day, students are encouraged to take breaks from their classes and rigorous learning. While not specifically scheduled, students take regular breaks to relax, play board games with friends, play ping pong or spend time outside.

Enrichment Activities
Students stuffing food at Feed My Starving Chilcren

Lighthouse students participate in a variety of activities designed to enrich their learning. Students may attend presentations and events in the community, or guest speakers may come to our school to work with our students. These enrichment activities are another way that learning is sparked for our students. Our students also participate in several service learning activities throughout each school year.

Multi-Age Interactions
students writing with paper and pencil

There are no grade level designations at Lighthouse and students are expected to work with their fellow students. It is common for students to seek out other students of all ages to discuss something they are working on, and older students may learn from younger students. Students interact with each other and learn to work collaboratively. Lighthouse students learn how to effectively work with others of varying work styles and abilities.

End of Day Departure
Lighthouse students working on a computer

The school day at Lighthouse ends at 3 p.m. Most students leave each day invigorated and excited about their learning.