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There are so many reasons to be #SLPPantherProud!

Senior students smiling in front of the house they built in the SLPHS parking lot

More than 40 students in the Construction Trades course spent the course of the school year learning through real-world, hands-on experience to build a single-family, two-bedroom and two-bathroom house. The students' work is complete and the house is ready to move into the community to become a home. 

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    Read what makes our students, staff and families #SLPPantherProud


    "I am proud to be a Panther because I can be a role model to help represent Spring Lake Park Schools to others around me. Another reason I am proud is because I am able to be a leader in the community to help the younger kids so they can also be leaders once they get to the same age." - Mason Roloff, Class of 2022



    "I have always wanted to work in a school where there was rich diversity. Students come from all over the world here and I wanted to be a part of a place that had the opportunity to learn from the diversity and empower the students within the school." – Justine Hryhorysak, teacher, Park Terrace Elementary


    "It’s just an exciting place to learn and grow and be connected"- Heidi Ferris, parent



    “Being in the medical field is something I've always wanted to be a part of for almost my entire life and I was so thrilled to know Spring Lake Park offers many programs that fit my interest and could start my journey early on in high school." - Emma Helgerson, Class of 2022



    “What I always say about our district is that we ask – Is it good for kids? Many places find the reasons why they can’t do something. We find the reasons why we can. If it’s good for kids, we’ll find a way.”  - Will Wackman, Activities and Athletics Director



    “It’s not just about academics. When we look at our kids potential and how this district is preparing them, they provided all the tools they need for our students to be good citizens.” Mbeng Bakia-Chick, parent


    “I am grateful to have more rigorous classes in high school. Having experience with college classes makes me feel confident about going to college.” - Will Privratsky, Class of 2022


    "At SLP, everyone in the community is welcomed. I feel pride in sharing my culture and language here. My role gives me the opportunity to get to know all students, parents and staff. Each person symbolizes a unique piece of the puzzle that makes our community whole." - Kenia Alfaro, Centerview Elementary, Office Paraprofessional



    "Teachers have a great awareness of each student and how they learn. They will challenge students at every turn. Challenge them to learn and challenge them to think." - Michael Dempsey, parent



    "There are many things that make me Panther Proud. But, for me, the biggest thing is the focus on academics. The amazing teachers at Spring Lake Park High School have given me so much knowledge and I am so grateful for the effort they put in every day to help me grow." - Sanober Hindustani, Class of 2021


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