Lighthouse Academic Expectations

Lighthouse students negotiate a work plan with their advisor based on the following expectations:


  • Inquiry is at the core of the academic experience in the Lighthouse School. Inquiry can be defined as the pursuit of a question for which there is not an immediate answer. Inquiry begins with a topic or question that launches an investigation. Students conduct in-depth research and record their findings. The inquiry culminates in a presentation that is shared with other students and staff. Students will need to conference with their advisor many times throughout the process. Students also will be audience members for other inquiries through which they develop their listening and feedback skills as well as learning information.
  • Students are typically expected to complete one inquiry per trimester.


Students should spend one hour per day on math. At this rate students could progress through about 1.5 levels per year. The expectation varies once students reach pre-algebra and beyond.  Students will use the ALEKS  online platform as their main instructional program.

World language

Using Rosetta Stone and Duolingo, students are expected to complete at least two lessons per school day. (Core lessons and milestones count as three lessons). At this rate students should complete about two complete Units in a trimester and about 1.5 levels of world language in one school year.  

Physical Education, Health and Art

Physical Education

  • Grades 1-8 have PE/Health two times per week
  • Grades 9-12 need two PE credits and one health credit to graduate
    • Credits can be earned concurrently through SLPHS

Language Arts

Book Challenge

Students are expected to read regularly, choosing books that both interest and challenge them as a reader. There are four Book Challenges each term, including:

  1. Non-fiction
  2. Fiction
  3. Biography
  4. Choice

Students will share their learning through different media, including: 

  1. Presentations
  2. Written
  3. Conference with their advisor

Students also participate in one Literacy Club each trimester. A Literacy Club is established around a chosen book, and as part of a group you will need to actively participate in discussions and complete required work.


  • Writing Plan: Each student develops a writing plan with their advisor to continue practice and improvement of skills. The plan is personalized for each student as  to frequency, skills and duration.
  • Throughout the year students will write for a variety of narrative and expository purposes.