Extended Learning Days

Periodically, Lighthouse students will not have school to allow for Extended Learning. These Extended Learning Days are for students to do work related to their inquiry project which cannot easily be done in the classroom such as library research, talking with an expert, conducting experiments or a field trip. 

This is an exciting aspect of Lighthouse School for Gifted and Insatiable Learners that contributes to the success of our unique learning environment.

We understand and expect that authentic learning can and will happen outside of our school walls. To facilitate such authentic learning, we have 10 Extended Learning Days this year.

Extended Learning Days are designed to encourage students to pursue inquiry to their natural curiosity’s end with their families out in the community. These days are not designed for daily work expectations nor are they designed to play catch-up. Once again, if a student is using their time wisely at the Lighthouse, they should not have homework. Please help your child schedule exciting authentic opportunities. Connect with other families, too, and share in the excitement.

Lighthouse Track & Field Day


Extended Learning Days

  • Friday, September 27
  • Friday, November 1
  • Friday, November 8
  • Friday, January 17
  • Friday, January 31
  • Friday, February 21
  • Monday, March 23
  • Tuesday, March 24
    • Please note, all 11th grade students must report to school to take the ACT + Writing Exam on Tuesday, March 24. It will be an electronic learning day for all other students.
  • Friday, April 24
  • Friday, May 8
  • Friday, May 22

Please note, students taking a class at the high school must still attend class on Extended Learning Days.