Three Lighthouse school students working on computers and two are smiling

Spring Lake Park Schools’ “Vision for the Future” provides a clear direction for every school in the district. Our vision is:

  • Fostering personalized experiences so that each student feels valued, inspired and has a sense of belonging,
  • Resulting in college readiness, and the development of academic, life and career skills so that each student has aspirations for success.

In each district school, teacher instruction is created and delivered with the vision in mind, and focused on personalized learning so each student experiences success. The information on this page provides an overview of learning and teaching at Lighthouse and throughout Spring Lake Park Schools.

Lighthouse School 

The Lighthouse School is a learning community that includes students, staff and families. Our extended community comes to the Lighthouse School from across the metro area. Our students have been in private schools, public schools, online schools and home schools. These students arrive at the Lighthouse School for a variety of reasons. Paramount among those reasons is an imperative need for academic challenge.

The Lighthouse School provides an enriched learning environment that matches the needs of motivated, gifted students ages 6-18, from within or from outside the district, with curious minds who are driven to make meaning of their world.

Lighthouse is aligned around inquiry-based complex learning and collaboration with intellectual peers under the guidance of a nurturing staff providing high expectations, choice, and challenge. It utilizes non-leveled, flexible scheduling, inquiry, self-directed learning, and collaboration, in a multi-age setting, at an accelerated pace, with connections to rigorous high school and college options.