College Information

We've collected a list of college information and resources to help ease the college planning process for families. Click on the headers below for more information.

Career and College Readiness in Spring Lake Park Schools

Our vision to have every student prepared for college is bold and highly aspirational. 

College readiness does not start in high school. Every level of our district – from early childhood to high school – must be aligned to this vision of college readiness. 

Click here to read more about college and career readiness in Spring Lake Park Schools

The goal of the 12 x 12 project is for each student to earn 12 college credits by the end of 12th grade.

Minnesota Private College Guide

The Minnesota Private College Guide includes general information about Minnesota private colleges as well as a one-page profile on each institution. It closes with a grid showing where more than 140 undergraduate majors, minors and concentrations are available. 

Click here to access the Minnesota Private College Guide publication

Senior Parent Night Presentation

The Student Services department hosts a fall presentation for senior families to prepare for college. Included in the link below is the Fall 2019 Senior Parent Presentation on College and Financial Aid. Please reach out to your students counselor for personalized learning with any questions you may have.

Click here to access the College Application Process and Financial Aid powerpoint

Junior College Kick-Off Event

The Student Services department hosts presentations for junior families to learn about and prepare for college. View the presentations from last year's Junior College Kick-Off Event below.

Overview of the Application Process - Find out all the steps and timeline for the college application process in our group session. Get updates on what the Student Services Office provides you and your child during this critical time in launching into life after high school. Click here to download the Overview of the Application Process presentation.

Finding the Right Fit - Join us in an activity to learn more about what you should be looking for when researching colleges. Remember, just because you never heard of the school doesn’t mean it isn’t the right fit for you! Click here to download the Finding the Right Fit presentation.

ACT/SAT Prep - Get an overview of both the ACT and SAT college entrance exams. Find out the timeline for testing and learn how your colleges use these scores in determining acceptance. Also, get the inside scoop on Test prep options and test optional colleges. Click here to download the ACT/SAT Prep presentation.

College Research Tools - Join this session to get the best options for college research.  Learn great tools offered at SLPHS for students to research, save and explore colleges. Click here to download the College Research Tools presentation.

NCAA - Learn what the NCAA is and what the high school requirements are for students looking to participate in Division I or Division II NCAA athletics once they get to college. Click here to download the NCAA presentation.

Financial Aid - Learn all about financial aid and the process for applying. Click here to download the financial aid presentation.

Popular Resources

Minnesota Career Information System (MCIS)

Comprehensive resource for colleges, occupations, financial aid and military service.  All students at SLPHS will soon have access to MCIS.

Click here to access the Minnesota Career Information System website

Application Fee Waiver

Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch may be eligible for a fee waiver for College Applications, ACT and SAT tests. See your high school dean for additional information.

College Admissions and Financial Aid Guide

The College Admissions and Financial Aid Guide is a free complete college application guide developed by the Fair Opportunity Project. 

Click here to access the College Admissions and Financial Aid Guide

College Planning

Read some college planning tips from the College Board in the following PDFs.

Additional Resources

Click the links below to access the resource websites:

NCAA Eligibility

It is time for college-bound student-athletes to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Who should register? Any current sophomore, junior or senior who wishes to participate in intercollegiate athletics at an NCAA Division I or II college or university should register.

How Does Registration Work?  Registrants may access the site at  From the home page, click on "Enter Here" for NCAA college bound student-athletes, then click on the "New Account" link in the upper right corner.  From there, follow the prompts. 

School Profile

Our School Profile will be provided to colleges during the application process for our students. This will help colleges in the selection process to understand our school and our student body better. If you have any questions. Please see your students dean.

Click here to download Spring Lake Park High School's 2017-2018 Profile

College Planning Presentation Fall 2019

Click on the link to view the College Planning Presentation Fall 2019 for great resources and tips!