Student Parking

Student Parking Lot Information

The student parking lot is coordinated by Spring Lake Park High School. Permits will be available to all licensed drivers, as space allows.

There are two primary areas designated for student parking on Campus. The main student parking lot is located on the east side of the campus (Highway 65 and 79th Avenue). High School students may only park in this student-designated lot; but are not allowed to park in the Able Street staff lots or behind any of the buildings. Students who use the student parking lot beyond the normal school day should continue to park in the designated student parking area. Students should never park in the areas designated for visitors or staff.

PSEO student (one who takes college classes during the regular school day as part of his/her curriculum), an OEC (Occupations in Emergency Care) student who attends class here only first and second hour, or a 916 student who is here for 3 hours or less can pay a reduced fee per trimester of $20.

Student Parking Permit registrations for the 2021-2022 school year are now available. All students who want to park in the SLPHS parking lot must register and purchase a parking permit online. To pick up your permit, bring a copy of your receipt, either a paper receipt or on your smart phone device, to the Main office at the High School beginning Monday, August 30. You must show your driver's license for pickup.  After September 19, permit pick hours will be between 7-8 a.m., Monday-Friday.

Valid parking permits will be able to park in the SLPHS student lot beginning, Thursday, September 9.

If you don't have access to a computer stop by the District Service Center (1415 81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park) between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and they will be happy to help purchase a permit.

Permit Pick-up
  • A valid Drivers License (no copy) must be provided at the time of pick-up. 
  • Permits can also be picked up at the High School office starting Monday, August 30.