Student Parking

The student parking lot is coordinated by Spring Lake Park High School. Permits will be available to all licensed drivers, as space allows.

There are two primary areas designated for student parking on Campus during school hours. The main student parking lot is located on the east side of the campus (Highway 65 and 79th Avenue). The overflow area is East of the staff parking along Highway 65 service road. High School students may only park in these student-designated lots. 

  • Parking in staff and visitor is subject to ticketing, boot or tow – even if on property for short period of day. 
  • All permits must be attached to the windshield on the inside bottom right corner.  
  • Students may be fined if the permit is not visible or attached.
  • All vehicles must be registered to use the parking permit (i.e., new car, 2nd car, etc.).
  • Vehicles must be locked at all times.  Spring Lake Park Schools are not responsible for theft or vandalism.
  • Littering and reckless driving will not be tolerated, and students may be fined.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way anywhere in the parking lot.  
  • Students who leave school without permission during the school day may have their parking privileges suspended.
  • Parking permits are non-transferable.  It may not be sold or loaned to another student.
  • The person signing the online application owns this permit and is responsible for any violations incurred during use or misuse of this permit. 

Spring Lake Park student parking permit options:

  • $140 - full year permit
  • $50 - per trimester permit
  • $3 - daily pass

PSEO students who attend class on-site for 3 hours or less can pay a reduced fee.  OEC (Opportunities in Emergency Care) students from other school districts are eligible for reduced fee or waived based on the purchase of a parking permit at their home school. Verification documentation will need to be provided when picking up permit:

  • $60 - full year permit
  • $20 - per trimester permit 

If you don't have access to a computer stop by the District Service Center (1415 81st Ave NE, Spring Lake Park) between 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. and they will be happy to help purchase a permit.

Permit Pick-up
  • Permits can be picked up at the High School office starting on Monday, August 14. Bring a copy of your receipt - either a paper or on your smart phone device.
  • Daily parking passes can be purchased at anytime.
Parking Lot Violations
  • 1st & 2nd Parking Lot Violations – tickets will be issued.
  • 3rd Parking Lot Violation - parental contact will be made and car will be put on the tow list.
  • 4th Parking Lot Violation – vehicle will be booted, with a $25 fine for removal along with payment of any previous unpaid tickets.
  • 5th Parking Lot Violation – subject to tow at owner’s expense.