Student/Family Handbook

Please review the information inside the Student and Family Handbook about procedures, expectations and policies at Spring Lake Park High School.

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Dear Students and Parents:

Welcome to the 2018‐2019 school year. We have prepared this handbook for you so you are informed about the resources and the rules that help to make Spring Lake Park High School a great place to achieve.

A safe and respectful environment is essential for a positive and productive experience for each SLPHS student. I ask that students and parents or guardians take the time to read the contents of this handbook carefully. Students, you are responsible for the information contained in this handbook.

Parents and guardians, I ask that you discuss the information in this handbook with your SLPHS student. Your support in ensuring a positive learning environment in our school and at our school events in key to your student’s success.

A special note: School Board policies are frequently summarized and/or referenced throughout this handbook and most of them will link directly to the district policy. Any parent, student, or community member can request a complete copy of the Spring Lake Park Schools’ Board Policies by calling the district office at 763-600-5000 or clicking here to view district policies on the website.

The contents of this handbook are subject to change at any time due to changes in Minnesota State Law and/or changes in Spring Lake Park Schools’ Board policy, procedures or practices.

My best to you during this school year.

Go Panthers!
Matthew Boucher


Contact Spring Lake Park High School at 763-600-5100.

Student Support Services


Every student is assigned to a Dean of Students. The Deans work with students and their families to support academic and social/emotional learning. Deans work with students to set post secondary goals, guide course selection and academic development as well as solve problems that inhibit learning.


Phone: 763-600-5130
Fax: 763-600-5577 
Spring Lake Park High School Code: 241682

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