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The live stream of the graduation ceremony is now archived and available for viewing.


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  • Candid photos: we have compiled an album of candid photos taken at graduation which are free and available via a Class of 2024 Flickr album.

Class of 2024 Senior Spotlight

It's time to shine a light on members of the Class of 2024!

These students have been an invaluable part of our Panther community and we're cheering them on as they pursue further education, a career or trade, take a role with the military or do something else altogether. They’ve made us proud in so many ways and we know they will go on to do great things.

Read about some of their future plans, favorite experiences, accomplishments and what makes them Panther Proud!

Evan Jefferson

Evan Jefferson smiling - senior spotlight 2024

"My Panther Pride stems from the amount of opportunities I have been given both in and outside academics. It only gives me a sense of pride to know of the growing spaces for students, like me, to get further involved and grow into future leaders."

After graduation, Evan plans on attending the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada to study History and Political Science. 

Maria Mora-Pena

Maria Mora-Pena smiling - 2024 senior spotlight

"I am SLP Panther Proud because of the incredible opportunities offered in this school. The career and college pathways prepare students for a successful future doing what they love."

After graduation, Maria plans to attend the University of Minnesota Rochester to major in Health Sciences as a Respiratory Therapist.

Arabella Sutch

Arabella Sutch smiling - 2024 senior spotlight

"I am SLP Panther Proud because I have been able to see our community of all ages in action at different sporting events throughout the years."

After graduation, Arabella plans to attend Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN to continue her education and also play on the women's basketball and track and field teams.

Onyinyechukwu Udemezue

Onyinyechukwu Udemezue smiling - senior spotlight 2024

"Five out of seven days a week, I get to interact with some of the coolest, brightest, and compassionate learners I've ever met. The other two days of the week, I am learning from my SLP community to be the most genuine and curious person I can be. That is why I am #SLPPantherProud."

Onyinye received a full scholarship to Yale University this fall where she plans to go into medicine.

Anas Sumrin

Anas Sumrin - 2024 senior spotlight

"Using the skills I learned from the Emergency Medical Responder and Emergency Medical Technician classes in a technical rescue environment was incredible. Never in a million years would I have imagined that something like that was possible as a high school class."

After graduation, Anas will attend Century College for their Paramedic Fire Sciences program.

Leena Darwish

Leena Darwish - 2024 senior spotlight

"I'm SLP Panther Proud because of the experiences I was given while I was a student. I was given many opportunities to find who I was and find out what I wanted to do after high school. Faculty members were extremely supportive and made a great environment for me to grow."

Leena plans to attend the University of Minnesota this fall and double major in Finance and Economics.

Brianna Vandewiele

Brianna Vandewiele - 2024 senior spotlight

"I believe throughout my four years here, we have built a strong sense of community among students. Our teachers and coaches really seem to care about us and find ways to give us leadership opportunities and a chance to make a difference."

After graduation, Brianna will attend the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University where she plans to major in Global Business Leadership and continue in dance.

Michael Roopansingh

Michael Roopansingh - 2024 senior spotlight

"What makes me SLP Panther Proud are the pathways that are available to students. These career and college pathways allowed me and other students that I know to expand our knowledge into careers we may not have fully understood prior."

Michael will be attending college and majoring in Entrepreneurship after graduation.

Makena Fredrickson

Makena Fredrickson - 2024 senior spotlight

"I am proud that our school is providing opportunities for students to participate in hands-on classes and learn real-life skills, as well as opening up career and college pathways courses for students who don't wish to pursue further education."

Makena plans to enter the workforce in construction trades after graduation.

Ethan Vue

Ethan Vue - 2024 senior spotlight

"I am Panther Proud of the school’s support for PSEO students which allows us to meet high school criteria while earning college credits."

Ethan plans to attend the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to study Biology in the fall.

Connor Larsen

Connor Larsen - 2024 senior spotlight

"I am Panther Proud because the community is such a great part of the school here. The staff and students here care about each other and want the best for each other to succeed - not just in high school - but for all of the years after high school."

Connor plans to attend Century College, major in business and continue his baseball career.

Brianna Nusbaum

Brianna Nusbaum - 2024 senior spotlight

"My experiences in SLP athletics have also taught me life lessons that I will continue to use in my future. Coaches and teachers throughout the years have supported me and taught me valuable skills that I’ll use for the rest of my life."

After graduation, Brianna will attend Saint Mary’s University in Winona to major in Biology/Pre-Medical Imaging as well continue playing basketball and softball.

Whitney Lawrence-Msuya

Whitney Lawrence-Msuya - 2024 senior spotlight

"I’ve grown with the people in the halls and have made strong connections which makes for a really unique place to go to every day. I am proud of how far everyone around me has come and the community that is still growing, especially those in sports, music, and OEC."

After graduation, Whitney plans to go to Concordia-Saint Paul to become a nurse. 

Joel Sjerven

Joel Sjerven - 2024 senior spotlight

"I have appreciation for all the amazing teachers and staff as well as all the opportunities that have been able to help show me my interests and passions."

Joel plans to continue down the entrepreneurship pathway and grow his business and invest in real estate.

Thomas Kunkel

Thomas Kunkel - 2024 senior spotlight

"I’m Panther Proud for our school’s strong sense of community. The supportive environment, along with the wide range of opportunities, means there’s a place for everyone at SLP."

Thomas plans to attend University of Wisconsin-Madison to study Electrical Engineering. 

EJ Joslyn

EJ Joslyn - 2024 senior spotlight

"I’m SLP Panther Proud because SLP provides great communities for all of its students. Everyone can find their place and their people here."

After graduation, EJ plans to go to college for a degree in classical civilizations.

Benjamin Youngbauer

Benjamin Youngbauer smiling - Senior Spotlight 2024

"What makes me Panther Proud is the strong community that we have, dedicated to working together and building a culture of inclusion and cooperation."

Benjamin plans to major in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota this fall.

Rodolfo Perez Quintero

Rodolfo Perez Quintero smiling - 2024 senior spotlight

"The opportunities that were presented to me and the community who supported me has been the sole reason I have kept attending SLP. They have made it known that I have a family here and that I am always loved."

Rodolfo hopes to purse Music Education or Vocal Performance after graduation.

Nicholas Mulder

Nicholas Mulder - senior spotlight 2024

"I am proud to be an SLP Panther because of those I interact with on a daily basis. Truly there is an unique culture at SLPHS and I am honored to have been a part of it."

In the fall, Nicholas plans to attend the University of Minnesota Duluth and pursue a dual major in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering.

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