Day in the Life

Breakfast program
cafeteria tray full of breakfast foods

Prior to the start of the school day, breakfast is available for students. A healthy breakfast is essential for students to have a successful day of learning. The cost of breakfast is $1.30 per day and free for students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals.

Panther Time/Advisory
Panther Mentors talking to each other in classroom chairs

Panther Time/Advisory is one of the places where we encourage students to develop positive connections with peers and staff, which help form our positive SLPHS community. Our advisory time is held every day for 26 minutes, between second and third periods. All full-time students are assigned alphabetically, by grade level to an advisory group.

Core courses
High school student in science goggles working

Courses in the core areas of English/language arts, math, science and social students are offered at all grade levels. To graduate, students need 12 credits in English/language arts, nine credits in math, nine credits in science and 12 credits in social studies. Regular and honors/Advanced Placement courses are offered in each of the core subject areas.

Elective courses
band students smiling with their flute and oboe

Along with courses in the four core subject areas, SLPHS also offers a variety of courses in elective areas. Currently, the elective course areas include art, family and consumer sciences, music, physical education and health, world languages, and Pathways courses. All students are required to complete two physical education credits, one health credit, and to take at least three fine arts classes during their high school years.

high school students eating in the cafeteria

Lunch is served in our school’s cafeteria during four lunch periods beginning at about 11:25 a.m. and ending at about 1 p.m. Along with the regular lunch offerings, students may also purchase items from the a la carte line.

Special education offerings
Two Life Skills students and two SLPHS teachers smiling in the Barnes and Noble cafe

Special education provides a range of programs and services for students who have been identified as in need of specialized programming. The eligibility process includes referral, intervention, screening and assessment, which determine the type and amount of service

Ninth Grade Teams
High school teacher working with students

Ninth grade teams include four teachers – one from each of the core areas of English/language arts, math, science and social studies – and about 100-120 ninth grade students for the entire year. Along with building strong relationships with each student, the teachers work to personalize learning for each student. The students in SLPHS teams may have a schedule that allows greater flexibility throughout each day, week, and trimester. 

Learning Methods
High school student collaborating around a computer

Students have the opportunity to experience high school in multiple formats or models. At SLPHS, the learning models include Blended Learning, Hybrid Learning and Online Learning. Blended learning incorporates face-to-face learning with some elements of online learning, and is the standard learning model at SLPHS. Hybrid learning combines face-to-face learning with online learning with at least 50 percent of the course delivered online. Online learning is a course that is built and delivered fully online with students choosing the time, place, path or pace of their learning.

Soccer player kicking the ball

SLPHS currently offers 14 girls’ sports and 13 boys’ sports. Fall sports are cross country, fall dance team, football, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, girls’ swimming and diving, girls’ tennis and volleyball. Winter sports are boys’ basketball, girls’ basketball, dance team, gymnastics, boys’ hockey, girls’ hockey, Nordic skiing, boys’ swimming and diving, and wrestling. Spring sports are baseball, boys’ golf, girls’ golf, boys’ lacrosse, girls’ lacrosse, softball, boys’ tennis, and track and field.

After school activities
Anything Goes cast on stage dancing and singing

At SLPHS, we encourage all students to participate in activities as another way to become more engaged in the life of our school community. Involvement in activities and athletics can improve a student's academic achievement by strengthening connections with staff and other students. There are currently more than 20 student-based interest clubs and co-curricular activities offered for students, and about 85 percent of students participate in a least one athletic or co-curricular activity.

College readiness, 12x12
SLPHS senior teaching assistant smiling at a kindergartener

Our vision to have every student prepared for college is bold and high aspirational. At every level of our district - from early childhood to high school - learning is aligned to our vision of college readiness. At SLPHS, we have a goal of each student earning 12 college credits by the end of 12th grade, known as 12x12, to move toward the vision of college readiness. 

Opportunities in Emergency Care students practicing on a patient

At the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, SLPHS students were offered expanded opportunities to explore future career ad college pathways and earn college credits with the Career and College Pathways. Each pathway represents a predicted need for job replacement and new hires. The three pathways are Business and Entrepreneurship, Health and Human Services, and Technology, Engineering and Design. 

Panther Mentors
High School Mentors

Panther Mentors are SLPHS junior and senior students who help create a safe and supportive school environment where ninth graders and new students learn that people at SLPHS care about them and their future. Panther Mentors help to create a culture of support while making long-lasting connections that make a tremendous difference in student success. Through the course of a year, Panther Mentors are trained to be positive role models, mentors, motivators and teachers who guide new students to discover what it takes to be successful in high school.

Use of Schoology
Student working on iPad

Our district uses Schoology as an integrated learning management tool that helps track and improved student outcomes as well as enhance student engagement. With Schoology, students can engage in a variety of activities, such as submitting homework assignments, reviewing grades, participating in interactive discussions, receiving announcements and feedback, taking tests, and writing academic blogs. Parents also are given access to their student’s account. Teachers also use a variety of other digital tools to regularly communicate with parents.