Career and College Planning

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After winter break we will continue to provide you and your student with the help they need to figure out just what they want to do after high school graduation.  Some events you can look forward to include:

  • Junior and Sophomore personal 1:1 meetings with counselors
  • 2021-2022 registration; new and continuing class options for your student
  • Juniors: Kick off College Planning with our Annual College Planning Event! Virtual or in person, either way,  there will be lots of great information to help you get through this and launch into your next stage of life! 
  • FAFSA and more! Still need to finish the FAFSA?? No problem, we have you covered! Don't understand your financial aid package? We can help! 
  • Career Fair; no not a job fair. We are working with business to create a once in a lifetime Career Fair event that will be VIRTUAL! We are so excited to offer this for the first time EVER to our SLP students! Will be open to all ages, 9th-12th grades! 
Event Date Time and Location

Registration Info Session:  Reading and Writing in the Digital Age (ELA and Pathways)

LIVE session: This course is designed to include student driven, project based learning through research, reading and discussion, listening, viewing and creating. Students will learn to create and sustain blogs and podcasts; consume and create digital content in a variety of mediums including audio and video options, digital images and mashups as well as video games. 

January 27

12:00 noon

Registration Info Session:  AVID

LIVE session: AVID Elective courses are a set of specialty electives designed to support students developing the academic, organizational, and learning habits that align with post-secondary success, while also preparing them for rigorous high school courses such as honors, AP, and Dual-Enrollment. The program’s goal is that every student enrolled reaches their full potential by introducing and reinforcing writing, inquiry, collaboration, organizational, and reading (WICOR) skills that will aid students through high school and beyond. AVID students are expected to have and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA, concurrent enrollment in an Honors, AP, or CIS course, and good citizenship and attendance.

January 27

12:00 noon

Registration Info Session: OEC Pathway Classes (All Courses)

LIVE session: The Opportunities in Emergency Health Care (OEC) Program is the first high school based Emergency Medical and Nursing Assistant training program in the United States. It has won numerous state and national awards, and is based in of a state-of-the-art training facility. Students are trained in the classrooms and given opportunities to apply their learning in real-life medical events. Stop in to meet our staff and see the classes that no other high school in the country has to offer.

January 27

12:00 noon

Registration Info Session: Foundational Leadership

LIVE session: Foundational Leadership is a course designed to create a strong foundation for leadership. The course was designed with the help of Michael Ayers and Dr. William Sommers, and it is based on the Graduate Course that they created and taught at Hamline University and continue to teach for management teams at 3M. This course distinguishes between different leadership styles, and breaks down the characteristics of strong leaders. At the same time, students will engage in their own personal pursuit to develop their leadership skills. Guest speakers will be a part of the course and will reflect the current topics that are being explored. These speakers will include Spring Lake Park alumni. This course is recommended for anyone who expects to work with people in their lifetime.

January 27

12:00 noon

Registration Info Session: German and Spanish courses at SLPHS

LIVE session: Why should all students learn a different language? How are the German and Spanish courses at SLPHS? What are some of the specific college/university credits available to SLP students in German and Spanish courses?

January 27

12:00 noon

Registration info Session: Spanish 1-6: The road to 12 free college credits!

LIVE session: What happens in levels 1-6

January 27

12:00 noon

Junior College Planning: How do I build a Colleges I'm Applying to List

  • In this session students will learn:
    • What does it mean to find the right "FIT"?
    • How to do a college search in Naviance
    • How to narrow down a list of colleges for visits (either virtual or in person)
    • How to get more information on colleges through other events like; college fairs, rep visits, virtual contact, in person visits
January 27

1:00 pm

Registration Info Session:  Weights for Women & Outdoor Education

LIVE session: Come learn about two classes in the physical education department that can fulfill a physical education credit requirement! All students need two PE credits, and these classes are both a choice for meeting the second requirement! Both classes focus on developing skills and knowledge that transfer well into life after high school. The only prerequisite is passing foundations of fitness.

February 3

12:00 noon

Registration Info Session:  Business Classes at SLPHS

LIVE session: This session will cover business offerings at SLPHS including Foundations of Business, Accounting, Personal Money Management, and DECA.

February 3

12:00 noon

Junior College Planning: Applying to College/Scholarships February 3


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Registration Info Session:  CIS Environmental Science (Bethel University) Video Recording Recorded Presentation
Registration Info Session:  Photography, Year Book & Graphic Design Video Recording Recorded Presentation

Registration Info Session: Physical Education and Health

Mr. Stewart will talk about all things Phy Ed and Health. Graduation Requirements, Electives and Pathways (college credit) courses will be covered.

Video Recording

Recorded Presentation

Registration Info Session:  Marketing & Entrepreneurship; English Research & Communications (Combined Course)

Learn about this double blocked class for upperclassmen - Business and Language Arts Credits (ARCC eligible)

Video Recording

Recorded Presentation Click Here

Registration Info Session:  General Physics and AP Physics

Learn about all the Physics courses we offer and why you would choose one over the other. Also, why take a 4th year of science?

Video Recording

Recorded Presentation Click Here

Junior College Planning: ACT Test Prep

  • In this session students will learn: 
    • various ways/resources to prep for the ACT
    • How to register for additional tests vs. the SLP state test day
    • How colleges use (or don't use) this score for admissions
    • Q&A
Video Recording

Recorded Presentation Click Here


Career and College Pathways

Career exploration is an important component of a student's experience at Spring Lake Park Schools. High school courses within our Pathways program provide students an opportunity to gain real-world experience, determine if a career path aligns with their interests and even earn college-level credit. Learn more about Career and College Pathways at SLPHS

Health and Human Services

OEC mock car resuce

Business and Entrepreneurship

Two SLPHS students hearing from a Community Member and smiling

Technology, Engineering and Design

Pathways student working in CAD software

College Planning

We're striving to help every student be prepared for career and college. Students can earn 12 college credits by the end of their 12th grade year. through 12 x 12. As students experience college-level rigor, we're also supporting them as they explore and prepare to find a college path that is right for them. 

Scholarships and Financial Planning

Career Planning

Transcript Request

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An official high school transcript includes:

  • High School Grades
  • GPA (Grade Point Average) Weighted and Unweigthed
  • Date of Graduation

Transcripts do not include ACT or SAT standardized test scores. To have test scores sent, it is necessary to contact the appropriate testing center:


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