Career and College Planning

October: College Knowledge Month

During College Knowledge Month, SLPHS and Minnesota colleges and universities have a number of events to help student explore their college options and take the next steps in their planning and preparation. 

Learn more about College Knowledge Month and check out special SLPHS events on the calendar to the right.

A Class of 2020 graduate holding his MN State University Acceptance Letter

Upcoming SLPHS Career and College Events

Date Event Time
October 1 and 2 Senior Class Meeting: Review Application Process, credit concerns, upcoming events, senior to-dos and more. Presentation available to view
October 7 Drop-In Series: Senior Session - Help with college applications with Q&A at the end. Recorded Session Now Available Presentation available to view

October 8 and 9

Junior Class Meeting: Learn about upcoming events, credit concerns, junior to-dos and more.

Presentation available to view
October 9 Senior Parent Webinar: Recorded Session Now Available College Applications and Financial Aid Presentation available to view
October 14

Drop-In Series:  Senior Session - FAFSA, Financial Aid and Scholarships. Webinar RESCHEDULED for after MEA

October 21

Drop-In Series: Junior/Sophomore/Freshman Event - The college search process and resources. WebEx link:

9 a.m.
October 21 Visit with Heidi, Admissions Rep with Minneapolis Community College to get help with planning for life after graduation, learn about offerings at Minneapolis Community College and ask questions!  Join Zoom Meeting Session begins at   
October 19-23 College Application Workshop Week - hosted by your SLPHS Counseling Team. Events happening in-person and online all week for Seniors.   
October 23 Virtual FAFSA Event: Senior Parents interested in learning more about completing the FAFSA and College Financial Aid will want to see this! There will be a Q&A at the end. We will present in Spanish and English. pwd=OHNtWmZqbjJSaTNJSGQ3Zk54S1QvZz09 2 p.m. 
October 28 Drop-In Series: College Talk - Anything and everything College.  Get your questions answered! WebEx link:
9 a.m.
October 30 Virtual Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and Dream Act Event. Sign-up for 1 on 1 FAFSA / Dream Act help with local Admissions Reps.  
November 4 Drop-In Series:  Senior Session - FAFSA, Financial Aid and Scholarships: 9 a.m. 

College Planning

We're striving to help every student be prepared for career and college. Students can earn 12 college credits by the end of their 12th grade year. through 12 x 12. As students experience college-level rigor, we're also supporting them as they explore and prepare to find a college path that is right for them. 

Scholarships and Financial Planning

Career Planning

Transcript Request

A SLPHS graduate holding her diploma and smiling

An official high school transcript includes:

  • High School Grades
  • GPA (Grade Point Average) Weighted and Unweigthed
  • Date of Graduation

Transcripts do not include ACT or SAT standardized test scores. To have test scores sent, it is necessary to contact the appropriate testing center:


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